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A Golden Opportunity for Service Providers

The demand for security has never been greater.

Both the quantity and sophistication of cyberattacks continue to grow exponentially, mandating the implementation of cybersecurity solutions that can mitigate both existing, and future, threats.

As a result, many enterprises are increasingly entrusting Internet service providers, cloud providers and colocation data centers with the responsibility of protecting their networks and services from cyberattacks. Consequently, the opportunity for security managed services represents a golden opportunity for service providers to deliver hosted security services to enterprises of all sizes.

Differentiate your business, improve margins and attract new customers by partnering with Radware.


The Radware Advantage

Industry-Leading Solutions

Industry-Leading Solutions

Leading technologies and praise for security solutions by all major analysts makes Radware the perfect partner to launch a security service for your customers.

State-of-the-Art Technology

State-of-the-Art Technology

Radware offers the widest threat coverage with patented, dynamic and automated algorithms backed by real-time threat intelligence.

Flexible Deployment Options

Flexible Partnership Options

Service providers can choose to resell a market-leading cloud security service via a quick go-to-market strategy, without any capital risk or by leveraging their own DDoS protection and customized visibility and reporting.

Marketing & Sales Support

Marketing & Sales Support

Radware allows service providers to increase revenue per tenant by training their teams on our new services offerings and the competitive landscape and leveraging sales enablement content.

Operational Support

Operational Support

Radware's professional services group will help your technical staff maximize the technology and system features by leveraging their unparalleled knowledge and experience.

In-Depth, Customized Visibility & Management

In-Depth, Customized Visibility & Management

Each service can provide real-time service status and statistics at the account level via a collection of predefined widgets while enabling simple management and configuration options.

State-of-the-Art Security

Radware delivers comprehensive application and DDoS protection. Our solutions combine industry-leading technology and expertise for protection against any threat.

Application and API Protection

Comprehensive, Adaptive Solution

Radware offers the widest threat coverage with patented, automated algorithms and real-time threat intelligence.

Robust Global Cloud Network

Radware cloud security network operates a worldwide network of 14 global scrubbing centers with 8Tbps of dedicated mitigation capacity (and growing) and more than 30 POPs of WAF. This ensures attacks are mitigated closest to their point of origin and provides unmatched mitigation capacity.

Adaptive Security
Deployment For Any Architecture

Exceptional Service

Provided by Radware’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) and supported with the industry’s most extensive SLA, Radware services ensure you get a partner you can rely on while jointly launching a market-leading security service suite for your customers.

Searching for a Cloud Partner Program? Discover new revenue streams with high margin services.

Searching for a Cloud Partner Program? Discover new revenue streams with high margin services.

Radware partners with hosting providers, colos and ISPs to provide a full suite of high margin services. These services typically provide margins of 40% to 60% or more depending on your business model.

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Data Sheets
DDoS Managed Services Portal For Service Providers

DDoS Managed Services Portal For Service Providers

This datasheet outlines Radware’s managed services portal offerings for service providers.

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White Papers
Mitigating Business Risks in Your 5G Deployment

Mitigating Business Risks in Your 5G Deployment

Read this whitepaper to understand how the deployment of 5G technologies will transform how mobile service providers deliver services to consumers and businesses. It will serve as a competitive differentiator and the foundation of the customer experience for the 21st-century digital consumer.

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