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A Golden Opportunity for Service Providers

The demand for security has never been greater.

Both the quantity and sophistication of cyberattacks continues to grow exponentially, year-over-year, mandating the implementation of cybersecurity solutions that can mitigate both existing, and future, threats.

As a result, many enterprises are increasingly entrusting internet service providers, cloud providers and colocation data centers with the responsibility of protecting their networks from DDoS attacks. Consequently, the opportunity for DDoS managed services represents a golden opportunity for service providers to deliver hosted DDoS services to enterprises of all sizes.

Differentiate your business, improve margins and attract new customers by partnering with Radware.

Radware partners with service providers to launch, market and deploy new services. Our professional service teams help increase revenue per tenant by training your business about your new services offerings and the competitive landscape.

Other services include:

Go-To-Market Consulting

Operational Support

Co-Marketing & Demand Generation

Cyberattack Emergency Response Support


DDoS as a Service

Radware offers service providers a scalable and easily manageable threat detection and DDoS mitigation service designed to work in multi-tenant data centers.

These offerings can be integrated into a service provider’s existing network and be scaled and operated with minimal overhead. Service providers can offer different levels of DDoS attack mitigation services to different tenants. Radware is the only DDoS services and solution provider that can deliver mitigation that scales to over 300Gbps of throughput with 100GB interfaces.

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WAF as a Service

Radware’s WAF solutions offer service providers the opportunity to deliver application security services to customer in a scalable and streamlined model. These solutions are complimented by Radware Bot Manager, which provides comprehensive protection of applications, mobile apps and APIs from automated bots.

Service providers can now offer customers with an integrated turnkey solution to protect applications while offering different levels of services to different tenants.

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and Bot Management