Cybersecurity and Application Delivery Solutions for E-Commerce

E-commerce has become the cornerstone for today’s businesses. Direct revenue generated via e-commerce sites is growing at an annual rate over 10%, according to data from  
For any business with e-commerce operations, customer trust is the most important currency. That’s because digital commerce has gone beyond simply “purchasing something online” to a series of interactions that rely on technology to sell and support a wide array of products and services. To ensure customer trust, businesses must overcome a specific set of business and technical hurdles associated with safeguarding the availability and security of their e-commerce platforms, networks and applications. This includes ensuring high levels of availability, safeguarding customer data and overcoming a lack of internal resources/expertise to keep up with advanced cybersecurity risks.
Radware's suite of cybersecurity and application delivery solutions enable e-commerce companies to maintain business continuity and availability while securing valuable data and maintaining scalable, flexible application management.

E-commerce companies face a host of challenges and concerns.

Ensuring Availability of Online Services

E-commerce sites and online services have to be available 24x7 to generate revenue, ensure a quality customer experience, and meet SLAs. Availability and service levels may be degraded thanks to cyberattacks that threaten applications or due to application or ISP outages. E-commerce site performance is critical; if an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a one-second page delay could potentially cost $2.5 million in lost sales every year.

Safeguarding Customer Data

Consumers expect organizations they conduct business with to be proactive about safeguarding their information and want to know how those organizations will fix a breach if one does occur. Compliance with evolving regulations and standards, such as PCI and GDPR, are constant concerns. E-commerce transactions require the submission of sensitive personal data and credit card account information which need to be secured using encryption during transmission and storage.

Lack of Resources/Expertise to Manage Complex Protection

Protecting customer data is becoming increasingly complex. Although securing their website, data, and network is critical, it’s often times not the primary area of expertise for e-commerce businesses. To overcome this lack of internal resources and expertise, automation and partnering with a cybersecurity leader is critical to staying ahead of the continuously changing threat landscape.

We ruled out vendors that didn't meet our requirements, integrate with our technology stack, were not transparent about their capabilities, or were difficult to engage for an evaluation - and were left with Radware”

- Director of Security and Compliance

Ensure customer trust via a seamless, secure online experience.

Ensure Business Continuity

Radware’s cybersecurity solutions ensure that e-commerce businesses are resilient to cyberattacks via hybrid protection that combines on-premise protection with cloud-based scrubbing centers and includes SSL attack mitigation for defense against encrypted attacks.

Radware’s application delivery solutions allow e-commerce companies to ensure SLAs and allow organizations to automate and scale application security and management.

Protect Applications

Radware’s WAF solutions ensure security of the mission-critical web applications that form the cornerstone to the digital experience for consumers. Our web application security solutions leverage machine-learning to provide protection against the OWASP Top 10, IoT botnets, API vulnerabilities and other threats.

Radware's Bot Manager combines behavioral modeling, device fingerprinting, and collective bot-intelligence to protect against account takeover, payment fraud, denial of service, denial of inventory, scraping, and other bot attacks on web, mobile, and API platforms.

In addition, Radware’s Cloud Malware Protection Service defends against data-stealing, zero-day malware not blocked by traditional anti-malware defenses.

Reinforce In-House Expertise

Radware’s expert Emergency Response Team compliments the in-house cybersecurity expertise of any e-commerce business by providing best practices and full management of Radware’s on-premise and cloud DDoS solutions.

The ERT is available 24x7 for proactive security support for customers facing a broad array of application- and network-layer attacks and provides the industry’s fastest SLA – 10 minute access to a security expert.

Radware also builds automation into its solutions to help IT teams manage application delivery and security. 

We were amazed by how effectively the solution gave us clean analytics. We eliminated fake referral traffic to our affiliated retailers and prevented price scraping. I will gladly recommend Bot Manager”

- Analytics and Software Developer

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