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Web DDoS Protection Solution

Stop tsunami-size Web DDoS attacks that evade traditional protection

The One Way to Stop a Tsunami

As hacktivism spreads around the globe, the tools and methods in use have begun to rapidly outpace typical standards of protection.

The latest attack campaigns combine network and application layer attacks and leverage new tools to create enormous request-per-second (RPS) web DDoS attacks. These encrypted, high-volume, Layer 7 (L7) DDoS attacks appear as legitimate traffic and leverage multiple evasion techniques, such as randomizing HTTP headers and cookies, spoofing IPs, and more.

Radware’s patented Cloud Web DDoS Protection does what network-based DDoS protection and standard WAF solutions cannot: overcome the scale, complexity and dynamic nature of these Web DDoS Tsunami attacks—without affecting legitimate traffic.

Web DDoS

Characteristics of Web DDoS Tsunami Attacks

  • Very high level of requests per second (RPS)

  • Encryption of attack traffic

  • Traffic appears legitimate once decrypted

  • Multiple methods of evasion

Why Standard Protection Doesn't Work:

Network-based DDoS protection cannot detect and mitigate L7 DDoS attacks
Standard on-prem or cloud-based WAFs fail to keep up with scale and randomization
Rate-limiting techniques have a major impact on legitimate traffic

How Radware Alone Can Help

Our multi-patented Web DDoS Protection solution uses proprietary behavioral-based algorithms to detect sophisticated Web DDoS Tsunami attacks and automatically generate precise signatures on the fly for immediate granular mitigation.

Automated, Accurate Detection and Mitigation

Automated, Accurate Detection and Mitigation

Surgically block attacks and minimize false positives without interrupting legitimate traffic

Widest L7 DDoS Attack Coverage

Widest L7 DDoS Attack Coverage

Analyze, adapt to and attack the full range of incoming L7 DDoS threats and variants

Detection and Mitigation Without Downtime

Detection and Mitigation Without Downtime

Stop attacks with behavioral analysis, anomaly detection, and on-the-fly signature generation

Complete Application Protection

Complete Application Protection

Our Cloud Application Protection Services combine Web DDoS protection with WAF, bot management, and API and client-side protection for 360 degrees of fully managed protection.

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