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Alteon Automation For Self-service and Private Clouds

Automate and streamline key Alteon ADC operations with Alteon Automation

What Does Alteon’s Automation Solution do?

Alteon Automation allows anyone to operate Alteon with automation scripts and workflows, enabling true ADC self-service. It includes Ansible-based automation scripts for easy customization, Python-based workflows for complex automation, and auto-scale clusters to scale ADC instances.

Quick integration with orchestrators like VMware vRO/vRA and OpenShift enable Alteon provisioning in a comprehensive private cloud environment for self-service application operation.

Together with Alteon Global Elastic License (GEL), this solution empowers automation tasks with agility and flexibility to deploy and scale ADC capacity wherever needed.

"Radware's ADC platform is responsible for automatically managing high availability and performance of the services delivered through it, helping IT and allowing it to focus efforts on other activities."

Boris Monterrosa
Systems Engineer, Puerto de Barranquilla

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Intuitive Templates & Workflows

Intuitive Templates & Workflows

Personalize automation with common, non-proprietary languages and delegate to staff without ADC expertise

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Enable self-service and simplify ADC with leading orchestrators like VMware and OpenShift—available out of the box

Auto-scale ADC Clustering

Auto-scale ADC Clustering

Automatically monitor and assign resources with auto-scale clustering to ensure continuous cost-efficiency and guaranteed SLA—without manual intervention

Global Elastic Licensing

Global Elastic Licensing

Easily assign ADC licensing resources with every automation script or workflow that needs it

Benefits of Alteon's Automation Solution

  • Reduced Operational Costs

  • Automate repetitive tasks, freeing up IT resources for strategic initiatives

  • Enhanced Efficiency

  • Streamline ADC provisioning and management for faster time to market

  • Reduced Errors

  • Eliminate manual errors and ensure consistency with automated configuration

  • Improved Agility

  • Respond quickly to changing application demands with dynamic infrastructure scaling

  • Simplified Management

  • Empower non-experts to handle common tasks through intuitive Ansible scripts

  • Increased Flexibility

  • Respond to dynamic workload fluctuations with autoscaling and Global Elastic Licensing

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