Cybersecurity Solutions for Healthcare

Ensure That Services and Apps Are Available and PHI Stays Secure

Safeguard the Patient Experience

The push from paper to electronic data presents a new set of security challenges in an industry laden with regulations regarding the handling of patient data. Healthcare records are highly valuable due to the amount of data they contain. Everything a cybercriminal requires to obtain a bank loan or send fake bills to insurance providers is contained within a person’s medical records.

The future of cybersecurity in the healthcare industry depends on establishing patient trust, ensuring consistent and timely delivery of experiences and data, and augmenting the security of PHI and other medical information.

The Top Two Concerns For Healthcare Providers

According to Radware research, providers are focused on ensuring their healthcare data is secure and their services and applications remain online.

Safeguard Sensitive Data

The transition to public clouds, network-connected devices and the move towards online and application-based services mean more vulnerabilities and more data breaches.

Ensure Availability

When healthcare services and applications go down, healthcare providers say productivity/operational loss, negative customer experience and intellectual property loss is the result.


With Radware's award-winning cybersecurity solutions, you can feel confident that sensitive healthcare data remains protected from threats.

Defend Against Advanced Attacks

Protection from various attack vectors, including Burst attacks, dynamic IP attacks, SSL floods, IoT botnets, and more

Bot Management

Prevent bots from scraping healthcare content, taking over user accounts to steal confidential healthcare records, and executing DoS attacks.

Secure Digital Assets

Radware provides an application security solution for every environment, with automatic policy generation

SSL Attack Mitigation

Guard against encrypted attacks without compromising user privacy or adding network latency


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