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Healthcare institutions are experiencing a significant digital transformation, including a growing reliance on technology to deliver critical services and patient care. With the increasing adoption of electronic health records, telemedicine and online patient portals, it’s crucial to ensure the availability and seamless operation of healthcare applications and services.

Healthcare institutions are required to provide uninterrupted access to medical information and services, ensuring timely and efficient patient care. Any disruption to these essential systems due to DDoS attacks can have severe consequences, jeopardizing patient safety, compromising data integrity and affecting the reputation of the institution.

Don’t hesitate to understand healthcare’s biggest security concerns and most common attack repercussions, and find out how Radware can help your organization in this increasingly insecure world.


How DDoS Attacks Harm Healthcare Institutions

Disruption of Critical Patient Services

Disruption of Critical Patient Services

DDoS attacks overwhelm networks and servers, disrupting critical patient services, and impeding timely and effective healthcare delivery

Brand Reputation Damage

Brand Reputation Damage

Successful DDoS attacks harm a healthcare institution's reputation, eroding patient and partner trust due to compromised data security, potentially driving patients to competitors

Risk to Patient Safety

Risk to Patient Safety

DDoS attacks jeopardize patient safety by impeding timely access to medical information and services, potentially delaying vital treatments and procedures

Cover Up of Data Breach Attempts

Cover Up of Data Breach Attempts

DDoS attacks can lead to data breaches and expose private patient information, resulting in legal and regulatory consequences, financial penalties and damage to the institution’s reputation

Financial Losses

Financial Losses

DDoS attacks lead to substantial financial losses, encompassing mitigation expenses, service restoration and heightened security measures

Operational Inefficiencies

Operational Inefficiencies

DDoS attacks demand valuable resources for detection, mitigation and recovery, causing operational inefficiencies and potential patient care delays in healthcare institutions


Radware's DDoS Protection Solution For Healthcare Institutions

Flexible Deployment Options

Choose from multiple deployment options: on-premises, cloud, or hybrid solutions. Benefit from hardware's low latency and the cloud's scalability for optimal DDoS protection

Low False Positives

Radware's advanced machine-learning algorithms ensure precise DDoS protection by distinguishing between legitimate and attack traffic, resulting in minimal false positives

Advanced Web DDoS protection

Radware offers a unique Web DDoS protection, utilizing advanced L7 behavioral-based detection and mitigation to counter complex attacks on web and mobile applications

Protection Against Any DDoS Attack

Radware offers comprehensive real-time DDoS attack detection and mitigation, safeguarding financial institutions' accessibility and resilience against known and zero-day attacks

Scalable and Resilient Infrastructure

Radware provides a resilient, scalable infrastructure capable of handling high-volume DDoS attacks without disruption. Our global scrubbing centers and intelligent traffic diversion ensure seamless healthcare services by filtering out malicious traffic

Real-Time Threat Intelligence

Radware's DDoS protections are enriched with real-time threat intelligence from multiple feeds, including a Cloud scrubbing network and dedicated honeypots, preemptively identifying new attackers. This proactive approach secures customers with collective intelligence from our broad customer base

"By offering a robust product that caters to both external and internal clients without any downtime, it helps me to allocate my time to other areas."

Ashish Gupta
Senior IT Manager, Manipal Hospital

Protect Sensitive Healthcare-related Data

Defend Against Advanced DDoS Attacks

Protects against various attack vectors, including Burst attacks, dynamic IP attacks, SSL floods, IoT botnets and more

Stop Malicious Bots

Prevents bots from scraping healthcare content, taking over user accounts to steal confidential healthcare records, and executing DoS attacks

Protect Your Web Applications

With automatic policy generation, Radware provides an application security solution for every environment

Secure Your APIs

Protects both documented and undocumented APIs against exposure and manipulation with fully-automated API discovery and enforcement

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