MSSP Portal DDoS Detection & Mitigation Solution

What Does the MSSP Portal Solution Do?

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) can benefit greatly from technologies that deliver high-value, revenue-generating services. To that end, Radware’s MSSP Portal enables service providers to resell cyber security mitigation capabilities to their customers as a managed service.

MSSP Portal is a turnkey, multi-tenant DDoS detection and mitigation service delivery platform that provides reliable, flexible, and scalable cyber security protection that is delivered as a service. An add-on component to Radware’s industry-leading Attack Mitigation System, the Portal collects and aggregates security attack measurement and events (including traffic utilization, attack distribution and alerts), and displays them in real-time and historical reports.

What Makes the MSSP Portal a Better DDoS Mitigation Service?

The MSSP Portal is a fully integrated solution that encompasses behavioral-based attack mitigation, DDoS detection and prevention, centralized attack management, and monitoring and reporting and delivers it as a service to organizations. To accomplish this, the MSSP Portal leverages several of Radware's key application and network security solutions, including:

MSSP Portal

Deployed in the operator or service provider’s data center as a virtual appliance supporting VMware or KVM hypervisors.


A real-time, behavioral-based DDoS detection and attack mitigation device that protects infrastructure against network and application downtime, application vulnerability exploitation, malware spread, network anomalies, information theft, and other emerging cyber-attacks.


A network-wide DDoS detection and cyber command and control application designed to protect networks against known and emerging network attacks that threaten network resource availability.

APSolute Vision

A centralized attack management, monitoring and reporting solution that provides real-time identification, prioritization, and response to policy breaches, cyber-attacks, and insider threats.

Real-Time Dashboard

Displays real-time information at the account level via a collection of dynamic, predefined widgets that displays the service status and statistics of accounts managed by MSSP.

Widget Repository

Customizable interface that uses widgets to display information by category. Allows users to personalize which widgets are displayed, how data is rendered and which data is displayed.


Allows users to define and run ad-hoc reports, schedule in advance, export and email them. Report templates can be saved, loaded and enabled to generate reports with fresh data.

Flexible User and Entity Models

Easy to deploy, manage and secure multi-tenant accounts, securing networks from the inside out- including enterprise core to remote sites.

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