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The move to microservices makes for new security challenges

The rapid expansion of the Development Security Operations (DevSecOps) role has changed how companies address their security posture with approximately 70% of survey respondents stating that the CISO was not the top influencer in deciding on security software policy, tools and or implementation. This shift has likely exposed companies to a broader range of security risks and gaps in protection.

Almost 50% of Company Network Traffic Comes From Bots, Report Says

Network traffic in companies is generated by bots almost as much as by humans, shows a recent study. As bots become more sophisticated, they bypass the security challenges in place.

Time to Move from DevOps to DevSecOps, Finds Latest CIO Survey

Agility is the key to deliver real-time customer experience. For IT customers, this agility can drastically influence brand reputation. Today, global enterprises seek and scale their ability to adapt quickly to changing market conditions with new. Here, updated web applications are critical to success.  CIOs are constantly hounded with risky malware and data breaches.

AppSec 'Spaghetti on the Wall' Tool Strategy Undermining Security

New research suggests that the strategy for many companies to reduce application security risk is to simply stack up on multiple tools and hope they do the job.

7 ways 5G mobile networks will change IoT security, and how to prepare

Super-fast 5G mobile networks promise to link not only people more efficiently, but also allow for greater interconnectivity and control of machines, objects and devices. Its high Gbps data transfer rates, low latency and high capacity will be a boon to consumers and businesses alike. That comes with significant new security risks, as one early adopter is learning.

31 cybersecurity stats that matter

The adoption of cloud and mobile technologies has significantly expanded the attack surface, even as the threat landscape itself has kept evolving constantly. IT organizations are under tremendous pressure to respond to business requirements while ensuring the security of corporate data. And regulations such as California’s Consumer Privacy Act, scheduled to go into effect next January, and the already-in-force GDPR in Europe have considerably raised the stakes for companies that experience data breaches.

Striking the Perfect Balance with Cybersecurity & The Customer Experience

Today’s marketers strive to create the perfect customer experience. From relationship management to personalization to user interface, every touchpoint creates a new opportunity to make the customer experience even better. But as marketers have tried to achieve this goal, security has fallen to the wayside, and those touchpoints often introduce new vulnerabilities unknown to companies. 

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