Radware Kubernetes WAF. Data and Application Protection for Microservices Architectures.

Develop and Deliver Applications Securely and at the Speed of Development, Without Compromising Agility

What Does Radware Kubernetes WAF Do?

Radware Kubernetes WAF is a comprehensive and highly scalable Web application security solution for CI/CD environments orchestrated by Kubernetes. In addition to market leading data and application protection, Radware Kubernetes WAF is designed to natively fit these environments, meeting the required levels of automation, flexibility and elasticity.

The solution easily integrates with common software provisioning, testing and visibility tools in the CI/CD pipeline offering both IT security and DevOps personnel detailed insight down to the pod and container levels, and enables organizations to implement effective application and data security in on-premise and cloud-based implementations.

Radware Kubernetes WAF is the only solution to provide NSS Labs recommended and ICSA labs certified application protection technology for microservices running within a Kubernetes ecosystem. With Radware Kubernetes WAF, businesses can now securely develop and deliver application services at the speed of business

10 Mandates for Securing Microservices

Businesses require a next-generation web application firewall that enables secure and fast delivery of applications, is as flexible as the dynamic environment and threat landscape and adapts to the needs of the business. Before considering any solution, make sure it meets the requirements of both DevOps and security teams.