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Kubernetes WAF

Data and Application Protection for Microservices Architectures.

What Does Radware Kubernetes WAF Do?

Radware Kubernetes WAF is a comprehensive and highly scalable Web application security solution for CI/CD environments orchestrated by Kubernetes. In addition to market leading data and application protection, Radware Kubernetes WAF is designed to natively fit these environments, meeting the required levels of automation, flexibility and elasticity.

The solution easily integrates with common software provisioning, testing and visibility tools in the CI/CD pipeline offering both IT security and DevOps personnel detailed insight down to the pod and container levels, and enables organizations to implement effective application and data security in on-premise and cloud-based implementations.

Radware Kubernetes WAF is the only solution to provide NSS Labs recommended and ICSA labs certified application protection technology for microservices running within a Kubernetes ecosystem. With Radware Kubernetes WAF, businesses can now securely develop and deliver application services at the speed of business


Given the increased need to protect microservices at the container management level, the Radware Kubernetes WAF offers the capabilities to meet the needs of web application security in a Kubernetes environment."

- Richard Hill
Senior Analyst & Advisor, KuppingerCole

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Ensure Service Availability With Frictionless DDoS Protection

Kubernetes Orchestration System

Designed to Fit Kubernetes Orchestration System

A Kubernetes controlled service, where application security grows and scales with Kubernetes pods, including manually configurated and auto-generated policies

Protection from Zero-Day Web Attacks

Protection from Zero-Day Web Attacks

The only solution combining both negative (signature based) and positive security models in service-mesh architectures, a robust protection against known and unknown (Zero-day) threats

Reduced TCO with Lowest False Positives

Reduced TCO with Lowest False Positives

Analyses the protected application and derives the potential threats in it. It then generates individual, granular protection rules and sets a policy in blocking mode, thus eliminating the need for human intervention and saving on maintenance and labor resources.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Visibility to DevSecOps+Security teams via integration with common tools and platforms like Elastic Kibana, Grafana, Prometheus etc.

Secure Data and Applications Running in a Service Mesh

Select a solution that provides complete coverage while adapting to your changing IT environment. Here are 10 characteristics to look for when considering protection to data and applications in a service mesh architecture.

Read the Data Sheet to learn more about Radware’s Kubernetes WAF.

Radware has a very compelling solution to the areas where customers find WAF to be difficult to deploy and manage."

Chris Rodriguez
Senior Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

Keep Your Kubernetes Environment Agile and Secure

Market Leading Technology

Recommended by NSS labs, Certified by ICSA labs, award-winning Web Application Firewall

Award winner
Full Coverage

Full Coverage of OWASP Top-10 Out-of-the-box

Including injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery (CSRF), broken authentication and session management and security misconfiguration.

Data Leak Prevention

Identifying and blocking sensitive information transmission such as credit card numbers (CCN) and social security numbers (SSN)

Data Leak Prevention
Easy Migration

Easy Migration from Test Environments to Production

Can be deployed with the application in the production environment or – if deployed in a lab – learned policy is easily migrated to production. This approach simplifies the integration and shortens the deployment time of new applications and services.

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