Are You Under Attack Now?

Radware’s emergency attack mitigation service offers mitigation of on-going attacks for new customers, including emergency onboarding on to Radware’s Cloud DDoS Protection Service and active DDoS attack mitigation.

Radware Can Help Stop DDoS Attacks Now:

Application DDoS

Volumetric DDoS

Malicious BOT Attacks

Simple 4-Step Onboarding Process:

Step 1: Service Registration

Step 1: Contact Us

Complete the form and a representative will contact you within 24 hours

Step 2: Set-up for Diversion & Clean Traffic Return

Step 2: Service Registration

Protected assets are registered

Step 3: Traffic Diversion & Active Mitigation

Step 3: Set-up For Diversion & Clean Traffic Return

BGP and DNS-based traffic is set up for diversion and a GRE tunnel is configured for clean traffic return

Step 3: Traffic Diversion & Active Mitigation

Step 4: Traffic Diversion & Active Mitigation

Traffic is diverted to the nearest scrubbing center

Radware Customers: Existing customers should call the Emergency Response Team/ERT immediately during an attack/P1 incident. Contact information for ERT can be found here:

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