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What Does AppWall Do?

AppWall - Radware’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) , ensures fast, reliable and secure delivery of mission-critical Web applications and APIs for corporate networks and in the cloud. AppWall is an NSS recommended, ICSA Labs certified and PCI compliant WAF that combines positive and negative security models to provide complete protection against web application attacks, access violations, attacks disguised behind CDNs, API manipulations, advanced HTTP attacks (slowloris, dynamic floods), brute force attacks on login pages and more.

At the core of Radware's web application and API protection Solution suite, AppWall is a web application firewall (WAF) that provides patent-protected technology to create and optimize security policies in real-time for widest security coverage with the lowest false positives and minimal operational effort. Radware’s Web application security technology features a variety of deployment modes – as a stand-alone or integrated on an ADC, on-premise and in the cloud, inline or out-of-band, and even a Kubernetes edition.

C-Suite Perspectives

Accelerated Cloud Migration but Lagging Security

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We use AppWall to provide application level security to APIs that serve sensitive information. When paired with Alteon, we get a web application firewall paired with a high-availability load balancer and reverse proxy. We are happy with this configuration and it has worked well for at least a year now."

- Core Network Engineer
Infrastructure and Operations, Communications

What Makes AppWall a Better Web Application Firewall (WAF)?

Protection from Zero-Day Web Attacks 

Using both negative (signature based) and positive security models - AppWall is a web application firewall (WAF) that features not only the lowest false positives and minimal operational effort, but also robust protection against known and unknown (Zero-day) threats.

Reduced TCO with Lowest False Positives

Unique Auto Policy Generation technology designed to secure a web application as automatically as possible with little or limited user interaction. AppWall is a web application firewall (WAF) that analyzes the protected Web application and derives the potential threats in it. It then generates individual, granular protection rules and sets a policy in blocking mode - thus eliminating the need for human intervention and saving on maintenance and labor resources.

AppWall Customer Story

Radware's DefensePro and AppWall maintains the services infrastructure and protects against known and emerging attacks for this Government entity.

It´s a great product that provides very effective protection and excellent service and support during the implementation and after."

- Senior Infrastructure Engineer
Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation, Energy and Utilities

Continuous Security Delivery

First web application firewall (WAF) to provide a real-time security patching solution for Web applications in continuous application deployment environments via a tight integration with Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) solutions.

Device Fingerprinting for Bot Protection

AppWall is an IP agnostic web-application security solution. It disregards IP source address context to protect from dynamic IP attacks. The power of the fingerprint is in the consolidated information extracted from dozens of browser attributes collected on the client side, facilitating accurate bot classification.

API Protection

Machine learning based security to eliminate API abuse such as token manipulations, parameter tampering, protocol attacks, invalid schemas and more. AppWall imports, enumerates, and catalogs APIs to enforce standards and schemas using behavioral protections and positive security, eliminating the risks of data theft and service disruption.

Unique Out-of-Path Deployment with Full Mitigation

AppWall is the only web application firewall (WAF) that can be deployed out-of-path while still providing full mitigation. As part of Radware's integrated Attack Mitigation Solution, AppWall can communicate attack footprint and blocking policies to Radware’s perimeter attack-mitigation device, DefensePro, so the attack is blocked at the perimeter and the rest of the network is protected.

Full Coverage of OWASP Top-10 Out-of-the-box

Including injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery (CSRF), broken authentication and session management and security misconfiguration.

Data Leak Prevention

Identifying and blocking sensitive information transmission such as credit card numbers (CCN) and social security numbers (SSN).

Integrated Application Security & Application Delivery

The AppWall Web Application Firewall is an integral part of Radware's Application Delivery Controller (ADC) solution suite, which allows customers to augment their web application security protection with local and global traffic redirection, application acceleration, bandwidth management, and other application-aware services, while benefitting from a single hardware platform.

Easy Migration From Test Environments to Production

An AppWall VA can be deployed with the application in the production environment or – if deployed in a lab – policy is easily migrated to the AppWall appliance in production. This approach simplifies the integration and shortens the deployment time of new applications and services in the virtualized and cloud data centers.

ICSA Labs Certified WAF

Recognized for both the appliance and VM versions, ICSA Labs certifies AppWall for its depth and breadth of vulnerability protection, effectiveness, ease of implementation and low operation overhead.

Comprehensive PCI Compliance Solution

AppWall enables organizations to fully comply with PCI DSS section 6.6 requirements and includes the most advanced security graphical reports to convey visibility into the application security and detected attacks.

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