SSL Protection

Protective Technology Turned Attack Vector

SSL/TLS Encrypted Attacks and How To Stop Them.

Protect Against Inbound and Outbound SSL/TLS Attacks

The mass adoption of technologies is often followed by efforts to exploit its widespread use as a security threat, and SSL/TLS encryption protocols are no exception.

Encrypted traffic accounts for as much as 90% of internet traffic, and encrypted DDoS cyberattacks are on the rise. Increased customer awareness of cybersecurity, the migration to HTTP/2, and regulatory requirements now mandate the use of encryption in user communications. As a result, the ability to inspect encrypted traffic and mitigate any malicious threats embedded within has become a critical component of any security strategy.

Radware’s SSL/TLS Attack Mitigation Solution

According to Radware research, 50% of application-layer attacks are encrypted and HTTPS attacks increased 20% year-over-year. SSL connections require up to 15 times more resources from the server than from the requesting host. This means attackers can launch devastating attacks using a minimal number of connections.

SSL Attack Mitigation

Radware offers a patented, encrypted mitigation solution that supports all common versions of SSL and TLS and protects against all types of encrypted attacks - including TCP SYN Floods, SSL Negotiation Floods, HTTPS Floods and encrypted web attacks.

Leveraging Radware’s SSL protection solution provides numerous benefits to organizations that need to eliminate security blind spots that exist due to SSL/TLS encrypted traffic:

Behavior-Based Detection for Highest Accuracy

Maximum Flexibility

Robust and tailor-made to match multiple defense strategies and not delivered as a one-size-fits-all solution

Smart SSL Attack Mitigation

Minimum Latency

The perfect solution for organizations with strict requirements for latency, wishing to open the certificate for security benefits

Automated Zero-Day DDoS Attack Protection

Unique Keyless Protection

The only solution to offer SSL attack detection, characterization and mitigation without requiring any SSL decryption

Flexible Deployment Options

Behavioral-Based Protection

Adaptive algorithms that learn and create baselines automatically during peacetime based on traffic characteristics that go beyond the network layer

Flexibility Is Critical

Radware understands the considerations and challenges around SSL security and offers a comprehensive and flexible solution for all types of organizations and deployments.

Keyless SSL Protection

Detects, characterizes and mitigates SSL attacks without requiring any SSL decryption. The algorithm learns and automatically creates a baseline during peacetime based on applicative traffic characteristics that go beyond the network layer.

First Request SSL Protection

Detects and characterizes the suspicious sessions without decryption and applies decryption only under attack and only on the first request of every session to authenticate legitimate users.

Selective Full SSL Protection

Detects and characterizes the suspicious sessions of the attack without any decryption and then applies decryption only under attack and fully decrypts all suspicious sessions.

Full SSL Protection

Decrypts all SSL sessions towards a protected object and applies all protections on the cleartext traffic. A choice can be made to decrypt SSL traffic always, only under attack conditions or on-demand.

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