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If you are looking for web application security best practices then you have come to the right place. Radware is a global leader of application security and application delivery solutions for virtual, cloud and software defined data centers. Read our white papers, case studies, research and data sheets to get actionable intelligence to application security best practices and solutions to better detect and mitigate threats that plague your organization’s infrastructure.


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Case Study
Radware Helps A Telecommunications Giant Bolster Their Mobile Network Security

With malicious threats on the rise, this telecommunications company’s Latin American operation turned to Radware to help them improve ...

Case Study
Perion Protects Its Amazon Web Services Assets with Radware Cloud Workload Protection

Perion lacked the ability to track and tighten access permissions to services and data and automatically detect malicious activity inside its ...

Case Study
A Healthcare Provider Powers DevSecOps With Radware’s Cloud WAF Service for Azure

Learn how this company migrated its application environment to Microsoft Azure to gain more agility and scalability and improve the security of ...

Case Study
A U.S. Healthcare Provider Reduced Costs and Network Latency Using A Single SSL Traffic Solution

See how this healthcare provider was able to consolidate their various network security tools into one, helping them secure sensitive data and ...

Case Study
SundaySky Fortifies Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Rein in Excessive Permissions and Prevent Data Breaches

Understand how this video marketing provider adopted a new approach for safeguarding sensitive data after they migrated to Amazon AWS

Case Study
Network Provider Protects Its Applications Against DDoS Attacks With Radware DefensePro

This case study explains how this network provider overcame high numbers of false positives and network latency by partnering with Radware

Case Study
APAC Police Force Turns to Radware to Safeguard Law Enforcement Data in New Data Center

This case study explains how a APAC Police Department implemented a segmented strategy within its data center
to safeguard data.

Case Study
North American City School System Thwarts DDoS Attacks With Cloud DDoS Services

After experiencing a series of DDoS attacks that would delay district testing, this city school district turned to Radware’s Cloud DDoS ...

Case Study
Top North American E-Retailer Defeats Account Takeover and Carding Attacks with Radware Bot Manager

Despite an in-house bot management solution and web application firewall, this leading North American e-retailer was suffering from bot attacks, ...