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If you are looking for web application security best practices then you have come to the right place. Radware is a global leader of application security and application delivery solutions for virtual, cloud and software defined data centers. Read our white papers, case studies, research and data sheets to get actionable intelligence to application security best practices and solutions to better detect and mitigate threats that plague your organization’s infrastructure.

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Case Study
Multinational Online Retailer Turns to Radware for 360-Degree DDoS Detection and Protection

Cyberthreats began to threaten the online availability of e-commerce sites of this retailer. Resulting data breaches that compromised personal information would undermine consumers’ trust  in the brand.

Case Study
Multinational Online Vacation Club Partners with Radware to Ensure Availability, PCI Compliance and Customer Satisfaction

This international hospitality and ecommerce company required a web application security solution that would ensure availability of its website and reservation systems

Case Study
Leading Cloud Computing Provider Partners with Radware for Behavioral-Based DDoS Mitigation

This leading enterprise SaaS provider experienced several attacks and needed to strengthen its security to protect both its own data and customers’ data.

Case Study
SaaS Provider Protects Its Financial and HR Management Platform with Hybrid DDoS and WAF Solution

The company suffered several DDoS attacks that its cloud mitigation couldn’t handle. Because these outages affected the SaaS provider’s business and reputation, it had to find a better solution to strengthen its DDoS attack protection..

Case Study
Multinational Technology Company Creates Scalable Cloud Platform with Radware’s Virtualized ADC

This technology provider needed to upgrade its data center infrastructure and required virtualization for its on-demand application delivery controllers.

Case Study
European Manufacturer Turns to Radware Azure Cloud DDoS Security Solution

Radware implemented a combination of Azure DDoS cloud and premisebased DDoS and WAF solutions. The data centers were protected with a hybrid DDoS solution, combining a premise-based appliance with scalable Azure cloud protection. Smaller noncritical remote sites were protected with Radware’s on-demand cloud DDoS service.

Case Study
European Manufacturer Turns To Radware To Build A Custom Security Solution

A well-known European manufacturing company required protection for its complex, globally-distributed network comprised of data centers, remote offices and cloud-hosted applications in preparation of a high-profile sponsorship event. Each asset type had radically different requirements and faced different threat profiles. Traditional DDoS mitigation vendors did not have the flexibility or scope to offer full, cost-effective protection for all asset types. 

Case Study
Third-Largest European Bank Partners with Radware to Solve Encrypted Traffic-Processing Woes

Due to a dramatic increase in encrypted traffic, this fi nancial services firm needed to improve its ability to process inbound encrypted traffic to safeguard its applications and enhance the quality of experience for customers.

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Fastest Website Acceleration for New HTTP Protocol with Alteon and Advanced HTTP2 Gateway
Radware’s FastView module, the most advanced WPO engine in the market, can now leverage the embedded HTTP/2 gateway and provides acceleration of up to 40% beyond the protocol’s baseline offering. It is with FastView for HTTP/2 - the combination of HTTP/2 and WPO on the ADC – that organizations can deliver applications to their clients and provide a fast browser experience experience.
Radware Application Performance Monitoring (APM)
Radware's Application Performance Monitoring (APM) ensures continuous, optimized web application performance by measuring and visualizing real-user quality of experience through historical reports and granular analysis based on user-defined SLA.

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