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Advanced Cloud Network Analytics

Opening a window into peacetime network traffic.

Visibility into Peacetime Traffic

Today, the majority of cybersecurity vendors offer little to no insight into “peacetime”- the period of time where no incidents occur and your DDoS mitigation vendor isn’t actively mitigating an attack.

An enterprise-grade DDoS protection service should go above and beyond by providing comprehensive insight into network activity before, during and after an attack. Organizations should expect a higher degree of service and visibility into what is going on in their network, even during peacetime.

DDoS protection solutions have significant visibility into the protected network, and, as a result, should be able to assist in various decision-making processes.

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Advanced Network Analytics

As part of Radware’s Cloud DDoS Protection Service, the Cloud Network Analytics service provides users with peacetime network traffic information. The solution allows administrators to eliminate errors when planning network deployments and stay ahead of DDoS threats via early detection of network abuse and intrusion in peacetime.

The service is divided into four categories that allow for monitoring and visibility into different aspects of the network:

Network Traffic Visibility

Full visibility into network traffic so users can quantify the exact amount of traffic. Ultimately, understanding network consumption enables for more effective network planning and deployment to avoid scaling and sizing issues

Network Traffic Visibility
Services in Use

Services in Use

A detailed overview of the services in use, such as HTTPS, DNS, internet browsing, VoIP, file downloading, and more, with the ability to monitor the services and make sure they are used for the right purpose

Access Privileges Management

Maps users and their access privileges as well as the specific IP addresses and geographies that can access the organizations services. Privilege management to ensure users have proper access

Access Privileges Management
Client-Server Traffic

Client-Server Traffic

Quantifies the amount of traffic from each client to the server to monitor conversations and make sure no user is abusing server conversations/resources.

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