Keep Education Online

Radware protects educational institutions from DDoS attacks.

Safeguarding Educational Online Services

Education is evolving digitally, relying on technology for teaching, testing and student services.

As remote instruction grows, ensuring seamless access to educational applications is more crucial than ever.

DDoS attacks can have severe consequences, compromising teaching, testing, data integrity and the institution's reputation.

Radware offers a full security solution for protecting the availability of teaching and student services for educational institutions.


How DDoS Attacks Harm Educational Institutions

Disrupting Teaching Services

Disrupting Teaching Services

With the growing reliance on remote teaching and online student participation, any disruption hinders instruction, testing and knowledge sharing

Creating Financial Losses

Creating Financial Losses

Loss of revenue, driven by service disruptions and potential student churn, can devastate the bottom line. Costs can include mitigation costs, service restoration and regulatory fines

Interrupting Online Testing

Interrupting Online Testing

DDoS attacks critically hinder mid-terms, standardized tests and other testing functions, disrupting the smooth flow of the academic year

Damaging School Reputation

Damaging School Reputation

A successful DDoS attack can damage the trust of parents and potential students, leading to negative publicity and diminished perception

Using Data Breaches as Smoke Screens

Using Data Breaches as Smoke Screens

DDoS attacks can act as smokescreens, diverting attention while hackers attempt to breach security and access sensitive student data


Radware's DDoS Protection Solution for Educational Organizations

  • Flexible Deployment Options

  • Choose from multiple deployment options: on-premises, cloud, or hybrid solutions. Benefit from low latency and the cloud's scalability for optimal DDoS protection

  • Real-Time Threat Intelligence

  • DDoS protections use real-time threat intelligence from multiple feeds—including a cloud scrubbing network and dedicated honeypots—to preemptively identify new attackers. This harnesses collective intelligence from our broad customer base

  • Low False Positives

  • Advanced machine-learning algorithms ensure precise DDoS protection, filtering legitimate and attack traffic with minimal false positives

  • Protection Against Any DDoS Attack

  • Comprehensive real-time DDoS attack detection and mitigation safeguards educational institutions' accessibility and resilience against known and zero-day attacks

  • Scalable and Resilient Infrastructure

  • Resilient, scalable infrastructure handles high-volume DDoS attacks without disruption. Our global scrubbing centers and intelligent traffic diversion filter malicious traffic—and ensure seamless educational services

  • Advanced Web DDoS protection

  • Unique Web DDoS protection, utilizing advanced L7 behavioral-based detection and mitigation, counters complex attacks on web and mobile applications

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