Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)

Eliminate unnecessary and unused permissions in your cloud environment.

Eliminate Excessive Permissions in the Cloud

Running in the cloud is all about agility, flexibility and moving fast. However, in the name of expediency, network administrators frequently grant wide-ranging and unnecessary permissions to cloud users. Should one of those users ever become compromised, attackers will have access to wide-ranging capabilities and resources which they can use to access sensitive data.

Radware provides comprehensive Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) capabilities to help organizations lockdown their cloud permissions and help eliminate unnecessary and unused permissions without getting in the way of the business.

Your Permissions Equal Your Threat Surface

When you run workloads in the cloud, your resources and data are on the "outside." As a result, access to your sensitive data is defined by their access permissions. Your permissions define the threat surface of your organization.

Remove Inactive Users

Eliminate Excessive Permissions

Curb Cloud ‘Role’ Permissions

Cover All Types Of Permissions


One-Click Compliance Reporting

Radware’s Cloud Native Protector provides detailed, one-click compliance reports for a wide range of industry and national compliance standards, including PCI DSS, SOC2, AWS CIS Foundations, NIST Cyber Security Framework, ISO 27001, and more. It provides both high-level verification of your compliance status as well as line-by-line assessment of each individual criterion in the standard. Radware also supports customized governance reports tailored to your specific needs.

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Radware’s cloud workload protection service has helped Perion to identify threats in real time without the noise of false alerts. It has been excellent in exposing misconfigurations and potential risks and thus very helpful in both detection and prevention.”

Amir Arama
Sr. Director of Cloud Operations,

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Smart Permission Hardening with Cloud Native Protector

Learn how Radware's Cloud Native Protector provides comprehensive cloud protection by detecting gaps between used and granted permissions and providing smart hardening recommendations to help reduce attack surfaces, detect malicious behavior, and alert of data theft attempts.