Quadrant Knowledge Solutions: Radware is a WAF Leader

Read the 2022 SPARK Matrix™ for Web Application Firewall

Read the 2022 SPARK Matrix™ for Web Application Firewall


Quadrant Knowledge Solutions has named Radware as a Leader in the 2022 SPARK Matrix for web applications firewall (WAF). As noted in their analysis of the global WAF market, Radware’s WAF provides comprehensive web application security coverage, ensuring that new web applications are protected as they’re added to the network.

"Radware's WAF solution is unique due to its SecurePath out-of-band deployment model, positive security model with the auto-policy generation, advanced device fingerprinting, and built-in API security mechanisms."

Riya Tomar,
Analyst, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Key insights included with your download:

  • Radware offers web application firewall (WAF) capabilities through its Cloud WAF service, AppWall WAF, Kubernetes WAF, and its newly introduced product, titled client-side protect.
  • Radware’s WAF solution provides full web application security coverage with OWASP Top 10 protection and protection against zero-day and unknown attacks.
  • Radware is powered by its SecurePath™ architecture which enables in-line deployment as well as API-based out-of-path deployment options for its WAF and AppSec services.
  • Radware’s cloud WAF, bot manager, API discovery and protection, L7 DDoS protection, and client-side protection are all integrated into one portal along with security analytics and reporting.

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