Preemptive Multi-Layered DDoS Protection

Be One Step Ahead of the Threat

Radware’s Threat Intelligence Subscriptions complement application and network security via constant updates of new threats, risks and vulnerabilities. By crowdsourcing, correlating and validating real-life attack data from multiple sources, Radware’s Threat Intelligence Subscriptions immunize your DDoS protection system. It provides real-time intelligence for preemptive protection and enables multi-layered protection against known and unknown vectors and actors as well as ongoing and emergency filters.

Radware’s Threat Intelligence Subscriptions enhance Radware’s DDoS protection and extend its automated, real-time behavioral threat analysis for preemptive protection.

Threat Map

Live Threat Map

Powered by Radware's Threat Intelligence

Radware’s Live Threat Map presents near real-time information about cyberattacks as they occur, based on our global threat deception network and cloud systems event information. The systems transmit a variety of anonymized and sampled network and application attacks to our Threat Research Center and are shared with the community via this threat map.

Radware’s Threat Intelligence Subscriptions

Radware’s ERT Security Update Subscription (SUS) bolsters protection of network elements, hosts and applications against the latest security vulnerabilities and threats with rapid and continuous updates, as well as emergency updates for immediate response and environment-specific custom signatures.

Radware’s ERT Active Attackers Feed provides preemptive protection against DDoS attacks, scanners, anonymous proxies, IoT botnets and web application attacks by identifying and blocking known IP addresses that were recently involved in attacks in real time. It aggregates and correlates information from multiple sources making its data highly accurate.

  • Radware’s global threat detection and deception infrastructure
  • Cloud security customer network
  • ERT threat research group
  • Leading security vendors as part of the Cyber Threat Alliance

Radware’s Location-Based Mitigation solution helps protect data centers and networks against country-based DDoS attacks. It facilitates compliance with global regulations and meeting operational requirements. Radware’s solution allows for immediate ingress traffic filtering by country, based on geolocation mapping of IP subnets, ensuring dataflow alignment to organizations’ needs.

A network of globally distributed sensors – honeypots - running services that attract bots engaged in malicious activity around the world. Such bots are attempting to compromise, abuse and hack into computers, create new botnets and launch DDoS attacks.

The deception network attracts hundreds of thousands of malicious IPs, generating millions of events daily. The automatic analysis algorithms provide insights and categorization of various types of malicious activity from port scanning and reconnaissance through password Brute Force attempts to DNS reflection attacks.

Radware proprietary and patented algorithms running on the deception network are used to catalog and identify new and emerging threat actors, as well as to analyze malicious behavior designed to hide the attacker such as spoofing and anonymizing. Combining these creates a real time, non-spoofed IP list of malicious actors employing DDoS related behavior.

““Radware provides the most context per observable of any our members and contributes significantly to our shared intelligence picture."

Michael Daniel
President & CEO, Cyber Threat Alliance

What Makes Radware's Threat Intelligence Subscriptions Better?

Real-Time Protection

Real-Time Protection

Radware’s feed proactively blocks IP’s that were actively involved in DDoS attacks within the last 24 hours and constantly updates with possible risks and vulnerabilities

Minimum False-Positives

Minimum False-Positives

By cross-validating data among multiple intelligence sources, Radware’s Active Attackers feed delivers maximum security and minimum false-positives

Emergency and Custom Updates

Emergency and Custom Updates

Protection against known DDoS attack tools and application exploits; immediate response to critical vulnerabilities and environment-specific customer features

Cyberthreat Alliance Membe

Cyberthreat Alliance Member

Radware’s ERT Active Attackers Feed is enriched with threat intelligence collected by a variety of industry leading information security vendors

Extensive DDoS Protection Fee

Extensive DDoS Protection Feed

Detect, monitor and block emerging attacks. Real-time protection from scanners, floods, DDoS, DNS attacks, botnets, IoT botnets and web attacks

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