Application Delivery For Hybrid Environments

Application Delivery For Hybrid Environments

Ensure Application Availability and Security Across Heterogenous Infrastructures.

Applications are at the core of businesses. Unlike previous years, the majority of applications are now hosted across on-premise, private and public cloud environments, thereby creating a heterogenous collection of application infrastructures to manage and protect. Application delivery services are the foundation for keeping applications and their underlying infrastructure available and secure.

Organizations now require an ADC solution that delivers consistent application delivery and security services across on-premise, private cloud and public cloud environments.

Alteon increased availability and performance for all web applications in our data centers”

Josep Sans
Telecommunications Mgr, IT, Grifols

Radware Alteon - Application Delivery and Security for Any Environment

Radware’s Alteon ADC provides comprehensive application availability, performance optimization and security for applications hosted in any environment. Regardless of the environment or form factor, Alteon delivers consistency across any environment and has the flexibility to transition to a different environment as your applications do.

Alteon provides “frictionless” application delivery and security services via several capabilities. For application development, it provides direct integration with DevOp environments and makes application delivery an inherent part of CI/CD workflows. It also provides in-depth visibility and reporting of application SLAs, performance and security status via its analytics engine and reporting modules.


Key Capabilities

Alteon provides organizations with an array of capabilities and solutions to allow companies to manage and automate application delivery

Application Delivery for Any Environment

Application Delivery for Any Environment

One enterprise-grade application delivery and security solution for private data centers, private clouds and public clouds

Prevent Application Cyberattacks

Prevent Application Cyberattacks

With multiple security engines and integrations, Alteon provides a comprehensive set of tools to protect your applications against the widest set of threats

Cost Savings

An ADC That Transitions With Your Infrastructure

Whether your applications stay on-premise or transition to the cloud, Alteon’s service transition with them at no extra cost

Reporting and Actionable Analytics

Reporting and Actionable Analytics

Intuitive reporting and actionable analytics for applications, providing proactive management of application SLA and security for any environment

Customized Automation

Customized Automation

Alteon’s scripts library enables customized automation workflows out of the box for any cloud or DevOps environment

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