5G Network Protection and Security

5G Network Protection and Security

Ensure application availability and security with one convenient solution.

Sharpen The Edge: Service Provider Cybersecurity Challenges

Service providers are undergoing a technological revolution in the name of agility. They're transforming their networks and computing infrastructure to drive faster data speeds, support new services in an app-driven world and provide an improved mobile experience for consumers.

To do so, they're transitioning away from core network designs by deploying new network infrastructure to the "edge". 5G is an upgrade of the mobile architecture that pushes new computing elements and services closer to the edge to scale and enhance network performance and improve support for ultra-low-latency applications at much higher scale.

However, the move to edge computing environments and the deployment of 5G networks has far-ranging impacts on service provider cybersecurity strategies and postures at a time when the threat landscape is becoming increasingly dynamic and dangerous.


Cybersecurity Designed and Built for 5G Networks

Radware provides comprehensive 5G security designed and built to meet 5G requirements. Radware’s security solutions support 3GPP specifications, ultra low-latency applications and provide multicloud protection.

Unmatched Protection

Unmatched Protection

Behavioral-based and automated algorithms for granular and dynamic protection

Reduced TCO

Natively Built for 5G

Specifically designed for 5G threat surfaces, agnostic to ultra-low-latency services, edge-oriented protection and aligned with 3GPP specification

Multicloud Support

Frictionless, Multicloud Support

Rapid scalability and seamless deployment, with pure software delivery model and both public and private cloud support


Comprehensive 5G Network Protection

Radware delivers the industry's most complete 5G solution to protect network and ultra-low-latency services at any scale, including 360-degree protection for network access and both edge and core network architectures.

Edge and Core Network Protection

Automatic and behavioral DDoS protection to any network open borders

Edge and Core Network Protection
Mobile Access Protection

Mobile Access Protection

Latency agnostic protection for crowded and growing mobile network access

Edge and Core Application Protection

Advanced web and API protection designed for 5G service mesh architectures

Edge and Core Application Protection
Public Cloud Protection

Public Cloud Protection

Protecting public cloud infrastructure against emerging public cloud vulnerabilities and threats

Radware’s Security Solutions

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