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Hawaii missile alert highlights hacking threat to emergency systems

IT WASN’T HACKERS … THIS TIME — The false incoming missile alert that sent Hawaiians scrambling on Saturday for 38 dramatic minutes illustrates the psychological harm that hackers can wreak by going after the country’s emergency systems, which cybersecurity experts warn are dangerously ill-equipped to fend off digital deviants. 

Virtual Case Notes: What to Expect for Cybersecurity in 2018

Ransomware, leaked exploits, mobile hacks and more have made 2017 a year of unexpected threats and breaches of unprecedented magnitude. Since it began in March, Virtual Case Notes has been covering the events, issues and research that reflect an evolving world of highly motivated hackers and those fighting to keep up with a barrage of new threats.

What is DevSecOps? Developing more secure applications

DevSecOps is about introducing security earlier in the life cycle of application development, thus minimizing vulnerabilities and bringing security closer to IT and business objectives.

Application SLA – Knowing is Half the Battle

In today’s world, digital transformation has changed how people interact with businesses and conduct their work. They interface with applications on the network. These applications need to be responsive and provide a quality of experience that enables people to appreciate the business and the services they provide. 

Why Hackers Hack: Motives Behind Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks caused $450 billion of damage to the global economy in 2016, and this number is predicted to keep rising as we keep adding more connected devices to the mix.

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