• Fastest Website Acceleration

      Fastest Website Acceleration for New HTTP Protocol

      With Alteon NG and Advanced HTTP/2 Gateway

  • Web applications have evolved since the introduction of HTTP protocol. Today's websites have hundreds of elements ─ such as JavaScript, images, high definition videos and Flash animations ─ that place a huge load on both the server that delivers the content and the end user's browser. Serving and loading these elements can lead to slowdowns that negatively and critically impact web experience.

    Recognizing that HTTP/2 will soon be standard protocol for access to the Internet, an advanced HTTP/2 gateway has been embedded into Alteon NG application delivery controller. Read "Fastest Website Acceleration for New HTTP Protocol with Alteon NG and Advanced HTTP/2 Gateway" to learn how to:

    Improve user experience with advanced server push logic and up to a 40% acceleration for web server platforms

    Leverage the benefits of both HTTP/2 and backwards compatibility with legacy browsers, including reduced latency and page download time

    Immediately benefit from acceleration capabilities of HTTP/2 enabled browsers without investing in front-end web application server upgrades and lengthy development and testing cycles

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