Radware's New AS5 Application Switch Platform Powers AppDirector 6000 and DefensePro 6000

Radware (NASDAQ: RDWR), the leading provider of intelligent integrated solutions for ensuring the fast, reliable and secure delivery of networked and Web-enabled applications over IP, today introduced AppDirector 6000, its award-winning application front end solution and DefensePro 6000, the company's flagship intrusion prevention and DoS mitigation solution used by large enterprises and carriers around the world. Both products run on Radware's new high-end AS5 application switch platform architecture also announced today (see separate release, "Radware Introduces Industry's Fastest Layer 7 Performance and Highest Port Density Application Delivery Platform.")

AppDirector 6000 and DefensePro 6000 are key components of Radware's APSolute product suite, the only application delivery solution based on a cohesive architecture that was designed from the ground up to allow for application-smart tuning of network behavior at every critical point of the network.

"AppDirector 6000 and DefensePro 6000 extend the performance range of our APSolute product family to address the demanding requirements of large enterprise and carrier networks," said Dr. Michelle Blank, CMO at Radware. "The underlying philosophy behind the design of our unique, purpose-built, multi-tier platforms is to give our customers the flexibility to expand the functionality and performance of their solution as their application delivery needs change. Our new AS5 platform provides this seamless migration path. AppDirector 6000 and DefensePro 6000 raise the bar by providing customers with an unmatched scaleable architecture to support integrated availability, performance and security functionality and add-on services."

AppDirector 6000
AppDirector 6000 provides the industry's highest layer 7 performance with 6 Gigabit throughput. AppDirector 6000 provides optimized performance, scalability and application-level security for IT infrastructure optimization, fault tolerance and redundancy. Combining the power of Multi-Gigabit application switching hardware with APSolute OS application-smart networking, AppDirector 6000 ensures local and global server availability and accelerated application performance of large server farms while safeguarding applications from all forms of attack.

Like all AppDirector products, AppDirector 6000 uses advanced Layer 4-7 policies and granular application intelligence for end-to-end application-smart networking, aligning server infrastructure operations with application front-end requirements to eliminate traffic surges, server bottlenecks, connectivity disconnects and downtime for assured application access, full application continuity and redundancy. AppDirector 6000 optimizes traffic flows for a wide range of enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle, BEA, Citrix, web-based applications, VoIP, streaming media, LDAP and many other applications.

DefensePro 6000
DefensePro 6000 is the industry's fastest IPS and DOS protection device and the first to include 10 Gigabit connectivity. DefensePro 6000 offers multi-layered DoS/DDoS attack protection at six Gigabits per second for high-volume e-commerce enterprises and carriers. DefensePro 6000 is ideal for high-traffic deployments among organizations such as online stores, online-banks, gaming sites, ISPs, DNS registrars and auction sites that want to protect themselves from high rate DoS/DDoS attacks while ensuring legitimate users have fast application response times. In addition, DefensePro 6000 helps carriers increase revenue by providing clean link benefits while protecting vital infrastructure from DoS conditions.

DefensePro 6000 is the industry's most sophisticated, adaptive IPS Protection System that mitigates DoS, DDoS attacks, mass propagating worms and other zero-day attacks without the need for human intervention to configure rules and thresholds. Incorporating behavioral protection, anomaly protection and signature protection DefensePro 6000 provides the broadest and most accurate protection against known and zero-day attacks.

Availability and Pricing
DefensePro 6000 is available immediately. Standard pricing begins at $105,000. For more information on DefensePro 6000, please click: www.radware.com/content/Products/default.aspx.

AppDirector 6000 will be available in Q2 2006. Standard pricing begins at $72,000. For more information on AppDirector 6000, please click: www.radware.com/Products/ApplicationDelivery/AppDirector/default.aspx

About Radware

Radware (NASDAQ:RDWR) is the global leader in integrated application delivery solutions, assuring the full availability, maximum performance and complete security of all business critical networked applications while dramatically cutting operating and scaling costs. Over 3,000 enterprises and carriers worldwide use Radware application-smart switches to drive business productivity and improve profitability by adding critical application intelligence to their IP infrastructure, making networks more responsive to specific business processes. Radware's APSolute product family provides the most complete set of application front-end, remote access and security capabilities for application-smart networking to ensure faster, more reliable and secure business transactions. Learn more on how Radware application delivery solutions can enable you to get the most of your investments in IT infrastructure and people.www.radware.com

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