Radware's New Application Performance Monitoring Helps Companies Ensure Business-Critical SLAs

Radware (NASDAQ: RDWR), the leading provider of integrated application delivery solutions for business-smart networking, announced today at the Gartner 26th Annual Data Center Conference its new Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution. Radware's APM provide customers with a fully integrated solution to effectively ensure service level agreements (SLAs) and resolve performance issues. The use of Radware's application delivery and security products in conjunction with APM will also enable customers to increase IT productivity whilst reducing capital and operational expenses.

Radware's APM solution
With the increase of web-based business-critical applications and the complexity of distributed application environments, it has become difficult to decipher the source of performance issues that can derail SLA guarantees, WAN delays and carrier performance. Further complicating the issue is the inability of standard network or system management tools to provide the granular analysis necessary for uncovering application performance breakdowns. APM improves the analysis process by enabling proactive monitoring and measurement of real-user traffic and end-to-end performance at the application level. This allows easier identification of specific bottlenecks along the application delivery path, which can span a myriad of network elements, servers, applications and databases. APM gives administrators a wide array of detailed parameters to measure traffic along that path, including but not limited to: Application and network round trip response time, full SSL handshake counters, total bandwidth consumption, and incomplete application response counters. Tracking these metrics is essential to setting appropriate SLA thresholds and alerts.

Radware's integrated solution reduces the capital and operational costs typically associated with set-up, administration, and application performance. The integrated solution does not require the deployment of probes or software agents and cuts down the time spent by IT network and application groups trying to isolate degradation sources. APM measures the actual user traffic rather than injecting simulated transactions. Performing the measurements on an actual traffic eliminates unnecessary overhead on the application servers and increases the accuracy of the analysis.

"In order to monitor application performance and isolate points of disruption, existing monitoring solutions require the deployment of hardware or software probes. Using Radware's new APM solution, our customers can benefit from an easy-to-deploy monitoring and diagnostics solution, leveraging their existing Radware Application Delivery infrastructure" said Teddy Pardo, Vice President of Management Products, Radware. "Our customers need to be able to deploy applications effectively, as well as have peace of mind that they can easily pinpoint performance issues, optimize resource allocation, and maintain agreed-upon SLAs."

Key Advantages of APM
  • Provides visibility into business-critical application performance based on real-user traffic
  • Proactively triggers alarms when SLA thresholds are not met
  • Offers wide set of performance metrics, aggregated from single or multiple network-points on the application delivery path
  • Combines performance monitoring, diagnostics and remediation within a single management solution using built-in layer 4-7 switching and traffic shaping capabilities
  • Eliminates the need for costly additional deployment of probe appliances or software agents which reduces operational impact and troubleshooting time
  • Isolates the location of performance problems to easier identify the source, which helps improve collaboration between network & application teams
  • Ensures performance levels in production environments
Availability of APM
APM will initially be released on DefensePro v4.0 and requires Insite ManagePro v2.70 with an APM license and is scheduled for release during the first quarter of 2008. In addition, APM will become available on all other Radware products during 2008.

Supported applications include Oracle with integrated application management module, HTTP and HTTPS, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 and any user defined TCP-based application.

About Radware

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