Radware to Participate at ArcSight User Conference "Protecting Your Business", Sept 9-12 Chantilly, VA

Radware (NASDAQ: RDWR), the leading provider of integrated application delivery solutions for business-smart networking, today announced it will demonstrate the most recent addition to its product portfolio, Inflight, at the ArcSight User Conference (http://www.arcsight2007.meetingsthatwork.com/home.php) in Chantilly, VA from September 9 through September 12.

Inflight delivers real-time actionable intelligence to ArcSight by providing real-time visibility to online business activity by capturing all online transactions while the user is in-session and making this information available to ArcSight ESM and Logger.

"With the heightened scrutiny and regulatory mandates, enterprises are seeking solutions for logging and compliance. Our participation in the ArcSight event provides a forum to launch best-in-class solutions for real-time logging and compliance for online applications," explained Paul Bilden, Inflight Group General Manager. "We bring a dual value proposition to ArcSight's customers by providing a real-time data integration platform for correlating online events with ArcSight ESM, and also delivering a robust, elegant source of audit-relevant log data in online applications for ArcSight Logger."

Inflight's real-time monitoring of online users allows ArcSight's install base to leverage stateful, in-session events for correlation such as GEO IP location of high-risk countries or multiple failed login attempts to detect fraud and activity of interest. This granular, real-time in-session information is not available through web application logs.

Alternative data integration projects for web applications require a continuous development lifecycle to instrument the applications and keep up with the constant production changes. These methodologies do not address the issue of data latency and have a material impact on user performance and availability. Inflight requires no application instrumentation.

Two of the world's largest online brokerage firms rely on Inflight as a real-time data integration platform for fraud detection in their online applications. One of these institutions is feeding real-time, stateful events from Inflight to ArcSight ESM to assess risk and fraud including high velocity activity involved in pump-and-dump fraud schemes.

Inflight integrates directly with ArcSight via Common Event Format (CEF) to feed events to ArcSight ESM and Logger. APSolute Inflight is rapidly deployed as an appliance to simplify the collection of web application data enabling ArcSight users with a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Out-of-path deployment (zero touch to applications) with no impact to production applications and no application instrumentation required.
  • Increased performance and availability for production web applications by offloading logging and eventing as a network utility.
  • Enables real-time assessment of risk for the online channel by correlating real-time user behavior along with other security events.
  • Audit-relevant log data with detailed, business transactions from online applications with full session level transaction parameters between the user and the web applications.
  • Augments user identity and GEO IP location information into all transactions feed to ArcSight's solutions.

Radware Inflight Group, previously Covelight Systems, is a member of the ArcSight Enterprise Security Alliance program: http://www.covelight.com/portals/77/news/Covelight_ArcSight_12-18-06_FINAL.pdf

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