Radware Named as Finalist in Info Security Products Guide Global Awards

Radware (NASDAQ: RDWR), the leading provider of integrated application delivery solutions for business-smart networking announced today that its Intrusion Prevention System and Denial of Service Protection solution, DefensePro 3020, has been named as a finalist in the Application Security Solution and Intrusion Detection/Prevention categories in the Info Security Products Guide for the 2008 Global Product Excellence Awards. The DefensePro 3020 was voted a finalist by more than 11,000 voters from worldwide consisting of end-users, channel partners and readers of Info Security Products Guide. Vendors themselves were not permitted to vote for their products.

The 2008 Global Product Excellence Award winners will be honored on January 30, 2008 at Technosium 2008 during the Info Security Products Guide Global Awards ceremony at the Santa Clara Convention Center located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, USA.

Signs of the next generation of IT revolution are now visible and already making an impact worldwide. Companies such as Radware are behind the products and technologies that are fuelling this next revolution. "The time is right to play a prominent role and be recognized as a part of this new IT revolution," says Rake Narang, editor-in-chief, Info Security Products Guide.

"With the development of our DefensePro product range, we are able to provide our customers with the ability to face security challenges by providing a comprehensive platform that can handle the most invasive security issues, from the core to the perimeter," says Avi Chesla, Vice-President of Security at Radware Ltd. "Being named as a finalist by the Info Security Products Guide reinforces our position as a key player in this field," he concluded.

Radware's DefensePro is an in-line Intrusion Prevention, Denial-of-Service protection, and traffic shaping solution designed for enterprise core and perimeter deployment, data centers and carrier backbone. In addition to integrating multiple layers of defense such as signature-based protection, protocol anomaly protection, access control and bandwidth management, DefensePro provides a full spectrum of protection technologies that include state of the art network and application adaptive behavioral protections. Thus, beyond blocking known attacks, DefensePro through its adaptive behavioral analysis mitigates a wide range of zero day network and server-based threats, including DoS/DDoS floods, worm propagation, misuse of services resources and server cracking attempts without requiring human intervention.

About Radware

About Radware Radware (NASDAQ:RDWR), the global leader in integrated application delivery solutions, assures the full availability, maximum performance, and complete security of business-critical applications for more than 5,000 enterprises and carriers worldwide. With APSolute, Radware's comprehensive and award-winning suite of intelligent front end, access, and security products, companies in every industry can drive business productivity, improve profitability, and reduce IT operating and infrastructure costs by making their networks "business smart". For more information, please visit www.radware.com.

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