Radware Wins Internet World '98 Best of Show Award For FireProof™ New Firewall Load Balancing System

Radware/RND Networks was honored for its new product, FireProof™ at the Fall Internet World 98 in New York. FireProof™ is the first non-proprietary dynamic load balancing system providing traffic optimization for multiple firewalls and other security devices. Users will no longer be locked into a single vendor firewall solution, as FireProof™ is capable of connecting thousands of firewalls regardless of vendor type.

FireProofs™ powerful load balancing capabilities, combined with its fault tolerance features, offer the market a solution with no single point of failure stated Doron Meirom, President of Radware Inc. In addition, it offers any large organization a cost-effective growth path for increasing firewalls, alleviating the need to be dedicated to any one vendor, added Mr. Meirom.

FireProof™ adds a new level of survivability, scalability and redundancy to traditional firewall solutions, by allowing firewalls to be inserted and deleted at will. stated Mike Long, Vice President of RND Networks. Firewalls have traditionally represented network bottlenecks and single points of network failure continued Long. FireProof™ intelligently balances traffic between any number of firewalls, continually monitoring each box for health allowing network firewall resources to be dynamically scaled to meet user demands.

FireProof™ operates at Layer 2 (mac addresses) and not traditional IP addresses, allowing complete compatibility with transparent devices such as firewalls and routers. In addition, FireProof™ allows multiple firewalls to be used simultaneously providing a painlessly scalable solution for increased user bandwidth requirements.

Legacy equipment can be retained and heterogeneous units can be added to the firewall farm reducing total cost of ownership. Since users are pointed at the FireProof™, network changes go unnoticed, simplifying network administration.

FireProof™ provides full fault tolerance between firewalls, eliminating the need for additional hot standby units. Should a unit fail, the FireProof™ will redirect all requests to an alternative firewall, providing users with uninterrupted service. Redundant FireProofs™ can be added to the network eliminating any single point of failure.

About Radware

Radware Ltd., a RND company, is a member of the multi-million dollar RAD Group, a family of 13 independent companies serving diverse markets and technological niches within the networking and communications industry. Radware provides enhanced information access by optimal utilization of server resources, be they Internet, Intranet, or Extranet applications. The companys flagship product, the Web Server Director™ (WSD), is already installed in many Fortune 500 companies and is employed by major Internet Service Providers worldwide.

The WSD has been enthusiastically received by the professional data communications and internetworking communities and, in competition with all other major server load balancers, has won numerous awards, including the prestigious PC Magazine Editors Choice award; Network magazines Product of the Year award; ZD Internet Labs NetBest award; and the Spring Internet World 98; Los Angeles, Best of Show award.