Radware announces new JAVA-based management tool for all Radware device

Radware have announced ConfigWare ™, a new, easy-to-use JAVA-based SNMP management tool for Radware load balancing solutions. Featuring a full, user-friendly GUI and compatible with any computer platform, ConfigWare simplifies the management of Radware devices and enables remote configuration through a Web browser.

ConfigWare supports all award-winning Radware products, including the Web Server Director line of load balancers (WSD, WSD-Pro, WSD-NP), Cache Server Director, and the FireProof firewall load balancer. Compatible with any computer platform, it can be installed as a standalone application or through a Web browser. It supports all available browsers, providing maximum flexibility with round-the-clock remote access. Using ConfigWare via a browser enables system managers to manage load balancing devices from any location, including a home computer, without having to install anything at the access site. Instead, the browser works with a Web server on the LAN which communicates with the devices.

The ConfigWare HPOV plug-in is compatible with HPOV running on any platform, so users can manage the devices through HPOV using the same user-friendly interface as the standalone application. Additionally, ConfigWare offers interactive monitoring capabilities, as well as automatic messaging and trapping.

"Managing Radware load balancing devices has never been easier," said Roy Zisapel, president of Radware Ltd. "With the addition of ConfigWare to our other SNMP, ASCII and telnet management tools, Radware continues to lead the market with the most comprehensive and user-friendly management suite available."

ConfigWare offers secure remote management. The user can opt to use a digital signature for authentication and verification. When a digital signature is used, the system decrypts the signature using a sender-specific public key. Successful decryption proves that the message was sent by the owner of the corresponding private key, and enables the message to be authorized for implementation. Additionally, ConfigWare provides the option to completely block remote access for any or all devices in cases where remote management is not desired. Available immediately, ConfigWare is shipped as a standard component of all Radware products.

Radware is a member of the $500 million dollar RAD Group, a family of 13 independent companies serving diverse markets and technological niches within the networking and communications industry. Radware was established in 1997 to focus on load balancing technology following the success in that field of its parent company, RND Networks. Radware pioneered the field of IP load balancing with its 1997 introduction of the Web Server Director (WSD), Radware is the only company that offers a complete IP load balancing solution for all local or global applications. Radware products are already installed in many Fortune 500 companies and are employed by major Internet Service Providers worldwide. Radware's products have been enthusiastically received by the professional data communications and internetworking communities and have won numerous awards, including the prestigious PC Magazine Editor's Choice award; Network magazine's Product of the Year award, ZD Internet Lab's NetBest award, and Network Computing's Editor's Choice award. For more information, visit our Internet site at www.radware.com.