Radware and Secure Computing Increase Network Throughput with the Industry's First Fault-tolerant Multiple Firewall Cluster

Radware Ltd. and Secure Computing Corporation today announced an agreement calling for Secure Computing to market, distribute and sell Radware FireProofTM, a dynamic failover and load balancing solution for effective and reliable management of traffic on multiple firewall systems. The interoperability of these load balancing and network security solutions produce the world's first fully fault tolerant, load balanced firewall cluster increasing network throughput for Secure Computing Sidewinder Security ServerTM and SecureZoneTM firewall. This new development gives organizations the assurance that firewall traffic will be uninterrupted across the network.

"The installation process was straightforward and quick," said Robert Jung, General Manager of ENTRADA KOMMUNIKATIONS GmbH; Radware and Secure Computing's mutual distributor. "We configured several SecureZone 2.0 firewalls working in parallel with FireProof, and it was a question of minutes before we witnessed a complete fault-tolerant solution. Firewall usage was optimized readily, resulting in high firewall performance."

Using an advanced array of built-in load balancing algorithms that monitor the number of clients and load on each firewall, FireProof dynamically distributes traffic evenly between the units. The FireProof solution offers full scalability to ensure an effective growth path enabling firewall farms to be created without the time-consuming procedure of configuring different client groups on the network; each additional firewall can simply be configured to the FireProof system.

"As more organizations move to e.business, they need the assurance that the firewalls protecting their networks won't impede the business they are onducting," said Denny Netland, product marketing manager at Secure Computing. "Integration of Radware FireProof technology with Secure Computing firewall technology gives our customers the most advanced solution to ensuring the twenty-four by seven availability of their networks."

"Firewall users need a solution that will provide full fault tolerance between firewalls," said Roy Zisapel, president of Radware Ltd. "Our FireProof solution eliminates the need for additional hot standby units. Should a unit of the firewall farm fail, FireProof will redirect all requests to an alternative firewall, providing users with uninterrupted service."

About Radware

Radware Ltd is a member of the multi-million-dollar RAD Group, a family of 13 independent companies serving diverse markets and technological niches within the networking and communications industry. Radware provides enhanced information access by optimal utilization of server resources, be they Internet, Intranet, or Extranet applications. The company's flagship product, the Web Server Director ™ (WSD), is already installed in many Fortune 500 companies and is employed by major Internet Service Providers worldwide. More information is available over the Internet at www.radware.com or by calling: in the U.S., 888-234-5RND or internationally at 011-972-3-645-8555.

About Secure Computing

Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Secure Computing Corporation provides enterprise-wide network security solutions to a worldwide partner and customer base in financial services, telecom, aerospace, manufacturing, hi-tech, service providers and government agencies. More information is available over the Internet at www.securecomputing.com or by calling: in the U.S., 800-379-4944 or 408-918-6100; in Europe, +44-1753-826000; in Asia/Pacific, +61-2-9844-5440. All registration and trademarks are proprietary to their respective owners.