Radware Announces Technology Partnership with Starburst Software

Today Radware announced that its award winning family of IP load balancing products (Web Server Director Pro+/DS/NP) are interoperable with StarBurst Software’s OmniCast™ technology. When deploying Radware’s load balancing technology in conjunction with StarBurst Software’s content distribution software, network administrators can now efficiently manage and monitor content replication, control bandwidth utilization and eliminate single points of failure and bottlenecks with local and/or global IP load balancing. Radware’s family of hardware based products relieve the congestion of IP Internet/intranet/extranet sites through intelligent IP load balancing. Radware products add scalability, optimization of resources and fault tolerance to server farms located locally or globally.

StarBurst Software offers a revolutionary solution that manages the distribution of content, such as multimedia, play lists, QOS permissions, business data, web content, software and more, over broadband, wireless, satellite, intranet, Internet IP networks. OmniCast is unique since it provides a transport engine and applications to manage synchronized content while it also guarantees distribution to hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of receivers in the time it takes for other products to distribute to one location. StarBurst’s content distribution solution requires no change to network infrastructure and lets the user control bandwidth utilization. StarBurst products can simultaneously distribute content to any receiver over any IP network, regardless of network type, operating system, number of receivers, or content size.

Installed collectively with OmniCast software, Radware load balancers allow administrators to distribute content globally sending users to those servers that have the latest and greatest information. During the content replication cycles, OmniCast works with the Web Server Director to ensure that users will only go to servers that have received the content updates. Servers are temporarily removed from eligibility until they receive the latest content. In a distributed web server farm where software and multi media change several times per day, StarBurst Software’s OmniCast can replicate the changed content to groups of servers allowing Radware’s WSD load balancer to route traffic to other servers while the update occurs. This guarantees that the content is always current without negatively impacting overall performance.

Typically when using content replication, simultaneous content delivery breaks down between 10 to 20 locations. StarBurst Software is fast, secure, and guarantees simultaneous delivery of content to between one and 50,000 locations. Before StarBurst OmniCast, customers wanting to update content at the edges of their networks, thus ensuring the best and freshest user experience possible, they had to rely on cumbersome and resource-intensive one-to-one updates. "The capabilities of StarBurst Software’s OmniCast are a perfect fit with the Web Server Director family of products," said Arik Ziv, Radware’s Director of Business Development. "Jointly, this product combination will provide users with a local and/or global solution that will guarantee increased reliability, performance, and management," continued Ziv.

"Content distribution is a major missing component of the Internet infrastructure," said Carol Schmitt, StarBurst Software’s Vice President of Business Development. "When combining the management tools provided by Radware and StarBurst’s software, the complexities associated with distributed content replication to networks of any size are no longer an issue. Our companies have common customers. Now, when content replication becomes critical to these companies’ high quality business services, working together with Radware fills a major demand for distributing applications and information across IP infrastructures."

About Radware

Radware pioneered the field of IP load balancing in 1997 with the introduction of the Web Server Director (WSD). Today it is the only company that offers a complete IP load balancing solution for all local or global applications. Radware Ltd. is a member of the $3 billion dollar RAD Group, a family of 13 independent companies serving diverse markets and technology niches within the networking and communications industry. Radware was established in 1997 to focus on load balancing technology. Radware’s award-winning products are installed in Fortune 500 companies and Internet Service Providers worldwide. Radware’s products have won numerous awards, including the prestigious PC Magazine "Editors’ Choice" award; Network Magazine "Product of the Year" award; Internet Computing "Net Best" award; and Network Computing "Editor’s Choice", "Best Value", "Well-Connected" and "Flying Colors" awards. Certifications include the internationally recognized OPSEC™ (Open Platform for Secure Enterprise Connectivity) for FireProof, Radware’s high availability firewall load balancer. GSA Contract Number: GS-35F-4196D. For more information, visit our Internet site at www.radware.com.

About Starburst Software

StarBurst Software is the leader in developing e-business content distribution solutions that provide scalable, simultaneous and guaranteed transmission of content such as video, audio, software and large data files to hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of remote sites, LAN servers, and distributed devices without changing the network. StarBurst customers include automotive companies such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and Honda; retail companies like Wal-Mart, Kmart, The Gap, Sherwin Williams and Rite Aid; hospitality companies including Choice Hotels and Promus Hotels; financial companies such as Optimark, Dow Jones, Nomura Securities and Thomson Securities Information Services; high tech companies such as Microsoft and WebTV; and many other industry leaders from a wid