iNNERHOST gaining competitive advantage by using Radware Traffic Management Solution

Radware (Nasdaq: RDWR), a leading provider of Internet Traffic Management (ITM) solutions enabling continuous access to Web sites, IP applications, and content and iNNERHOST, an innovative and rapidly growing Application Services Provider (ASP), today announced a new Windows NT-based clustering solution that will empower ASPs to host highly available, fault tolerant and highly redundant applications that scale to enterprise levels.

The solution, using Radware's Web Server Director (WSD) ITM devices and iNNERHOST's secure hosting infrastructure, will prime iNNERHOST to become a premier provider of the top outsourced applications, including the upcoming Microsoft Distributed interNet Applications Architecture (Windows DNA) platform. Windows DNA will provide the framework to allow Microsoft applications to be delivered over the Internet on a subscription basis.

iNNERHOST will also be one of the first ASPs to use Windows DNA to host select Microsoft applications in 2000. iNNERHOST offers business-to-business applications, and has more than 6,000 customers. The company also plans to host accounting and other back-office applications. iNNERHOST requires a network infrastructure that will grow with the company and the burgeoning ASP market. By using Radware's WSD ITM solution to distribute incoming traffic at its secure Miami facility, iNNERHOST is now able to offer clusters with up to 38 servers. That gives iNNERHOST the power and confidence to provide services for companies that need 24x7 e-commerce and business-to-business applications.

"The market is rapidly going to an application model, and business is booming," said Luis Navarro, CEO of iNNERHOST. "We rely on Radware to help us provide the robust infrastructure that our customers demand," he added.

Radware's WSDs front-end clusters of Windows NT-based servers, intelligently distribute traffic based on availability, and generate real-time performance statistics. The WSDs continually monitor the health of the servers and can seamlessly divert traffic away from a failing or downed server. This enables iNNERHOST to offer high-availability clusters that eliminate bottlenecks and single points of failure.

iNNERHOST chose Radware's ITM solution over all other available load balancers in part because its intelligent algorithms can maintain session state, allowing for secure transactions over a data center, whether it's distributed or local. iNNERHOST also chose Radware because of the breadth of its product line. "Radware is the only traffic management company that offers a complete suite of products, and we plan to implement its entire line," Navarro said.

iNNERHOST is now in the process of implementing Radware's award-winning FireProof firewall load balancer and Cache Server Director (CSD) appliances. The FireProof device intelligently balances incoming traffic among multiple and heterogeneous firewalls, allowing Web sites to scale securely with built-in redundancy. The CSD intercepts HTTP requests and intelligently directs them to cache servers, which dramatically speeds up access time to cached content, because it also monitors the health and load on each cached server, and only sends traffic to available servers.

"Radware's high availability suite gives iNNERHOST a competitive advantage over other ASPs," said Mike Long, VP of Marketing for Radware Inc. "Radware gives us the ability to offer new services, such as clustering, and to assure potential customers that we can scale securely," Navarro said.


Established in 1998, iNNERHOST, Inc. is the leading provider of Microsoft Windows NT-based application services. As a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider, iNNERHOST effectively hosts Microsoft technology driven web sites such as Lockheed Martin, Hewlett-Packard and PeopleSoft on reliable, high performance web servers. iNNERHOST offers a sizable list of features and application services on shared, dedicated and high availability clustered solutions. For more information visit 

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