Radware Internet Traffic Management Solutions proficiently manage peak loads for online inquiries at UUNET Deutschland GmbH

To manage peak demands in online access, UUNET Deutschland GmbH, one of the leading Internet carriers in Germany, is relying on Internet Traffic Management (ITM) solutions from Radware (Nasdaq: RDWR). Radware's solution distributes the load among the UUNET gateways through which CompuServe users dial into their online service. As a result, continuous availability of the online service and fast response times are guaranteed 7x24.

"The special thing about our solution is that, with the help of Web Server Director for Distributed Sites (WSD-DS) from Radware, we aren't balancing the Web server load; instead, we're balancing the gateways through which CompuServe users dial in, with our UUNET gateways passing the appropriate users on to the actual CompuServe resources. With Radware's WSD-DS we are achieving a high level of availability of the service as well as stable runtime performance", explains Oliver Doll, head of engineering at UUNET Deutschland.

At each of its locations in Frankfurt and Munich there are two Web Server Directors from Radware, which are connected to the three gateways at each site. For users who are dialing into CompuServe this balancing process is invisible - right from the start they see the usual CompuServe interface.

"Radware's goal is to help our customers build highly available services that consistently provide their customers with the data they need to do business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week," said Sharon Trachtman, VP of Marketing at Radware Ltd.

Only through the use of the ITM solution from Radware did the expansion of the online service become possible, which lead to the substantial advantages of the UUNET system. An added advantage for the customer is the ability to dial into the online service via ISDN from anywhere in the Federal Republic. In addition, customers who do not live near larger urban centers can also get onto the Internet for the cost of a local call, similar to that of Deutsche Telekom AG.

"We chose WSD-DS from Radware because this product possesses the widest variety of options and features and thus meets our high standards. A purely software-based solution was out of the question for us for scaling and performance reasons," explained Doll.

About UUNET Deutschland

UUNET Deutschland GmbH is a subsidiary of MCI WorldCom and one of the leading Internet Services Communications Companies with headquarter in Dortmund. The core businesses are Internet products and services for business customers, with the product spectrum including standard packages for accessing the Internet via modem (56 kbps, V.90), ISDN (up to 128 kbps), and leased lines (up to 155 Mbps). In addition, UUNET offers a variety of products for having a presence in the World Wide Web and for securing company networks, as well as comprehensive consulting and project services. A further area of emphasis is formed by Internet platforms for ASP (application service providing), WAP (wireless application protocol), and multimedia streaming (e.g. business TV over the Internet), as well as e-commerce applications. UUNET products are marketed worldwide in 52 countries. At the present time, UUNET offers 80 dialup nodes in Germany for the Internet using a uniform phone number active throughout the Federal Republic. The UUNET backbone in Germany offers a bandwidth of 34 to 155 Mbps. The core network will be expanded by the beginning of 2000 to bandwidths of 622 Mbps to 2.4 Gbps. It is redundantly structured using multiple repeatedly meshed lines for the highest level of reliability. Worldwide, UUNET has more than 2000 dialup nodes, with more than 1.2 million dial in ports. The dialup nodes are connected through an Internet high-performance network (2.4 Gbps in the USA and in Europe).

About Radware

Radware develops, manufacturers and markets products that manage and direct Internet traffic among network resources to enable continuous access to Web sites and services, applications and content based on the Internet protocol. Radware offers a broad range of Internet traffic management solutions to service providers, e-commerce businesses and corporate enterprises that require uninterrupted availability and optimal performance of IP-based applications that are critical to their business. Radware's Internet traffic management solutions enable its customers to manage their network infrastructure to bypass system failures and to scale their network infrastructure to accommodate increasing IP traffic. Radware's products improve the productivity of network infrastructure by distributing traffic within a network to optimize the use of available network resources. Radware's products can be deployed either as independent solutions to address specific application needs at a particular location within a network or as an end-to-end integrated solution to manage traffic throughout a network.

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