Novell and Radware to Enhance Caching Capabilities

Radware (Nasdaq: RDWR), a leading provider of Internet Traffic Management (ITM) solutions enabling continuous access to Web sites IP applications and content, and Novell Inc. (Nasdaq: NOVL), a leading provider of net services software, announced today at Brainshare a cooperative development effort to provide unparalleled Quality of Service (QoS) in a future release of the Novell® Internet Caching System™ (ICS). This co-engineering effort combines Radware's Cache Server Director (CSD) with Novell's ICS, creating a solution that will provide optimized cache redirection and QoS.

"Novell's reputation as a leader in the caching arena made the choice to work with them an easy one," said Doron Meirom, president and CEO for Radware Inc. "Combining our product with Novell's ICS gives Radware an opportunity to showcase the Smart Caching features of the CSD."

Novell's ICS technology was recently recognized for its high performance and scalability levels by receiving top honors in the second independent IRCache Web Cache Bake-off. With the integration of Radware's CSD, Novell plans to offer enahnced cache and bandwidth management, further enhancing the functionality of ICS.

"We are pleased to be working with Radware on developing solutions for delivering QoS for ICS customers," said Dave Shirk, senior vice president of product management at Novell. "Rather than increasing bandwidth or server farms, ICS with QoS will create additional opportunities to scale to meet the demands of doing business on the Internet. This is just one of many initiatives Novell is taking to further improve the applicability of ICS to meet new service requirements - characterized by Novell's unique net services strategy.

The Radware CSD is a hardware-based ITM device deployed on the network - redirecting Internet traffic to local cache servers like Novell's ICS. Existing caching arrays are enhanced with improved response time. By enabling Smart Caching and management of QoS customers can ensure the most responsive cache server will handle the user request.

The Radware and Novell solution will be showcased in both the Radware and Novell QoS Policy Booths at the Brainshare Technology Lab. The demonstration will highlight customers' ability to control the bandwidth prioritization of access to individual web sites using Novell's Content Filtering Services.

About Novell Internet Caching System

The Novell Internet Caching System (ICS) is sold as an Intel-based solution appliance from OEM partners including Compaq, Dell, IBM and others. The Novell ICS is a high-performance foundation that enables customers to take advantage of new value-added services like multimedia, filtering and personalization services. ICS dramatically improves the speed and efficiency of delivering Internet content to employees, business partners and customers within business networks as well as across the Internet. Delivering unmatched throughput, scalability, and price/performance, ICS can be installed within 10 minutes to support any Web environment whether Cisco*, Linux*, NetWare®, Windows NT*, Solaris* or other versions of UNIX*. Novell ICS appliances scale from branch office requirements to those of the largest ISPs. Please visit for more information.

About Radware

Radware develops, manufacturers and markets products that manage and direct Internet traffic among network resources to enable continuous access to Web sites and services, applications and content based on the Internet protocol. Radware offers a broad range of Internet traffic management solutions to service providers, e-commerce businesses and corporate enterprises that require uninterrupted availability and optimal performance of IP-based applications that are critical to their business. Radware's Internet traffic management solutions enable its customers to manage their network infrastructure to bypass system failures and to scale their network infrastructure to accommodate increasing IP traffic. Radware's products improve the productivity of network infrastructure by distributing traffic within a network to optimize the use of available network resources. Radware's products can be deployed either as independent solutions to address specific application needs at a particular location within a network or as an end-to-end integrated solution to manage traffic throughout a network.

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