• Mobile Carrier Operations & Network Infrastructure

    Radware carrier solutions enable mobile carriers to merge their silo-based authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA/SDM) services into centralized architecture by leveraging ADC virtualization capabilities. Mobile carriers can benefit from the same level of resilience, efficiency and agility of their critical network and operations services by employing consolidation of the ADC resources to reduce operational and capital costs while ensuring deterministic performance and fast response time per service cluster or farm or cluster (such as Diameter, DNS, RADIUS, LDAP and DHCP).

    Ensuring High-Touch Network Service Operations with Radware Carrier Solutions

    Control-plane Plug-in

    Radware’s Alteon application delivery solution and attack mitigation solution feature a protocol- and API-agnostic control-plane plug-in component. This allows its traffic steering and security solutions to seamlessly interoperate with virtually any policy enforcement eco-system (such as HSS, PCRFs, RADIUS and Diameter based APIs, etc). This enables operators to automate user aware and network aware traffic steering functionality.

    Intelligent IP Service Overlay Capabilities

    Radware's intelligent IP service overlay affords device, user, service and content-awareness, optimizing AAA service operations across the OSS/BSS as well as core EPC functions, including:

    Manage and optimize the Diameter network with a unique Diameter TCP splitting mechanism and Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) to ensure the resiliency and high-availability of high-touch Diameter network elements such as Policy Charging and Rules Function (PCRF), Home Subscriber Servers (HSS) and Mobile Management Entities (MME).

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    Optimize LDAP queries at the messaging level through management and load distribution of LDAP messages originating from a single TCP connection across multiple LDAP servers.

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    Accelerate DNS/DNSSEC processing and ensure service availability and integrity.

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    Consolidate DHCP server operations and manage DHCP addressing schemes across multiple access networks.

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    Process large volumes of RADIUS requests, manage GGSN traffic bursts and safeguard RADIUS servers.

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