• Internet Service Delivery

    Enable, Optimize, Control and Scale Internet Service Delivery

    Radware carrier solutions enable operators to extend their IP service visibility and control for optimized, high-performance and steerable Internet service delivery. With Radware carrier solutions, carriers can introduce new premium value-added services (VAS) for differentiated programming and tiered delivery to end users, as well as efficiently open and scale mobile networks to the Internet.

    Radware carrier solutions'  intelligent VAS steering capabilities let carriers extend new VAS offerings and new business models based on managing mobile Internet traffic and optimizing their delivery to ensure high Quality of Experience (QoE) at all times, to all users. Radware carrier solutions' device, user, service and content awareness, multiflow capabilities and granular policy-based IP traffic management enable carriers to take control, differentiate and bill users cost-effectively (e.g. extending the carrier walled-garden model to Internet traffic to charge for bandwidth-hungry freeware).

    In addition, Radware's offering is the perfect solution for  large-scale NAT (LSN) / carrier-grade NAT (CGN) initiatives that are driven by the IPv4 address space depletion. Radware carrier solutions feature high-speed logging and multiprotocol compatibility including Application Layer Gateway (ALB), and support consumer applications including Skype, IM, P2P and more.