As Cyber Security Programs Lose Their Moorings to Ransom-DoS: Radware Introduces the Ultimate Guide to Cyber Ransom

The Growing Threat of Ransomware and RDoS—and What to Do About It

Welcome to the world of cyber ransom—one of the fastest-growing security concerns around the globe. Other types of attacks, such as Advanced Persistent Threats or Multi-Layer Attacks, take a long time to defend against or even to detect. By contrast, ransomware and RDoS threats shout, “I’m an attack and I’m right here!” You then have 24 to 48 hours to pay the ransom or suffer the loss. At its root, the concept is hardly novel; blackmail has been around for ages. Today it has morphed into some decidedly modern and malicious varieties:

  • Ransomware. A Trojan, worm or other form of malicious software takes an environment hostage by making it unavailable to use unless and until a payment is made. The most common forms totally encrypt the environment and require payment to decrypt. However, there are numerous other tactics being deployed that focus on availability of systems and data.
  • Ransom Denial of Service (RDoS). In an RDoS attack, the perpetrators send a letter threatening to attack an organization—rendering its business, operations or capability unavailable—unless a ransom is paid by the deadline. These attacks have grown in number every year since 2010 and typically come in the form of a volumetric distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. However, it is increasingly in vogue to find techniques that are more piercing and more efficient without generating large volumes. The most advanced attacks combine both volume and non-volume cyberattack techniques.

Every day, ransom tactics are being used to target individuals and companies across industries around the world. The potential harm can be devastating. What can you do about cyber ransom? As with so many threats, knowledge is power. This Radware e-book offers a concise overview of the topic—including the current threat landscape (with samples of actual letters and tweets), who’s likely to be targeted (and why), the marketplace and tools fueling the trend and, perhaps most importantly, questions you need to ask and steps you need to take to safeguard your organization. At the end of the e-book, you’ll find a lexicon of related terms to help you speak the “language” of cyber ransom.

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So, grab another cup of coffee and get ready to learn about one of the fastest-growing threats to the security of your business…


Introducing the Ultimate Guide to Cyber Ransom

Download it here.

In this new guide you will find amazing insights including the following:

  • EXAMPLES: Numerous real examples of ransom notes passed to real customers of Radware or advertised on Darknet resources
  • RISK ASSESMENT METHODOLOGY: A firm understanding of how to measure the riskiness of such attacks on your organization
  • Specific Tools Used in Attacks: This guide provides an up-to-date analysis on the very specific tools being leveraged in these attacks and their profiles
  • Pricing: This guide will allow you to understand the specific prices being requested from RDoS attacks
  • Best RDoS Targets: Learn who is being targeted and why

Download the “Cyber Ransom Survival Guide: The Growing Threat of Ransomware and RDoS – and What to Do About It” to learn more.

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Carl Herberger

Carl is an IT security expert and responsible for Radware’s global security practice. With over a decade of experience, he began his career working at the Pentagon evaluating computer security events affecting daily Air Force operations. Carl also managed critical operational intelligence for computer network attack programs to aid the National Security Council and Secretary of the Air Force with policy and budgetary defense. Carl writes about network security strategy, trends, and implementation.

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