Mobile World Congress 2012: When Intermingling Smartphones, IP phones, POTS lines and more, how do you maintain consistent quality of service?

It’s all in the delivery of the applications traversing the network. Visit Radware at the IMA partner booth (Hall 6 – C50)

Remember when you picked up the phone and could count on a dial tone and a clear connection? Voice communication was called a telephone; the service was POTS (plain old telephone service), and we dealt with only one provider — the telephone company that leased you the line and the equipment.

Today, the brave new world of mobile communications comes with complexities. The service is now a collection of providers and internal administrators who have to deliver the same level of available service of a traditional POTS line, which can scale with the organization’s growth both in density and throughput, and adhere to all of the regulatory compliances with a secure accountable network. What’s more, these applications sit on virtual machines.

No longer do we have the telecommunications team, but the Network owns the traffic, and the data center owns the apps that use network resources.  All of this must be done cost effectively.  In other words, on demand.

As the scope and bandwidth of mobile applications continue to evolve, so do the performance and reliability requirements for mobile applications continue to expand along with those for smart devices, feature phones, mobile dongles.  With the adoption of next-generation architectures such as LTE, EPC, Diameter network and VoLTE, today’s carriers must have in place a cost-effective, smart mobile service edge to fully address these challenges.  This includes guarantees for mobile service availability and fast performance by converting the Gi and EPC/LTE networks into private cloud structures.

Radware’s Mobile Service Edge (MSE) solution can change the mobile application/service delivery paradigm by delivering a mobile service delivery fabric.  Radware’s MSE enables cloud transformation by converting the Gi and EPC networks into private cloud structure so that mobile carriers can benefit from the inherent advantages of using shared resource pools. It has basic SIP support and can run on a virtual application delivery controller (ADC) that provides ADC fabric capabilities for the entire SIP infrastructure.  This  can optimize, scale and add guaranty to the HA of SIP elements such as  SBC , x-CSCF and SIP applications as IVR, Next Generation Voice mails, IM etc., with high availability and service delivery guarantees.

This week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, representatives from Radware are discussing how our Mobile Edge Solution helps mobile operators develop smart, cost-effective solutions that can ensure mobile data infrastructures are resilient, agile and adapted to the Smartphone era.  Visit the IMA partner booth (Hall 6 – C50) to learn about enhancing LTE signaling/control plane through smart Diameter and SIP optimization and protecting high-touch critical mobile infrastructure via the Radware Attack Mitigation System.

Radware’s solutions set for mobile service providers guarantees the availability security and performance of their network and services. From infrastructure perspective Radware provides ADC services to the enterprise. For carriers, Radware’s solutions are well integrated with off-the-shelf products from some of our partners in this space – ALU, Huawei, ZTE and Comverse are just a few examples.

It will be a great show with lots to talk about.  Hope you can make it to the Radware booth.


Meryl Robin

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