Delivering highly flexible network services for real-time consumption with NFV

Emerging markets come in all shapes and sizes, but something as profound to an industry as Network Function Virtualization (NFV) faces enormous scrutiny from suppliers and customers, having a major impact on relationships.

Along with system integration designs, special care has been taken in software evolution to improve on Cloud-based solutions. High-speed, multi-tenant network services come with a wide variety of requirements, but to dramatically improve EBIT, performance acceleration techniques stand out. ISVs delivering the greatest efficiency offer the capability of a greater number of services consumed from less computing infrastructure (NFVi). This requires suppliers to deliver the adoption of Open Source libraries integration while selecting from combinations of tuning techniques ranging from memory, to CPU, to hardware offloading and more.

I take pride in offering thought leadership for consumer, business services and mobility transformations regarding multi-vendor virtual network function (VNF) designs, platform resource rationing, service-chaining and orchestration integration, automating provisioning and service lifecycle management. Offering highly flexible services and real-time network service consumption to Service Providers’ customers is the end result.


In over two years of solution delivery, one problem has stood out for customers based on my observations. Service Providers have been struggling with the idiosyncrasies between individual vendor VNF platform attachment strategies for high speed network services. Each vendor shows up with a unique combination of dependencies, and customers have been scratching their heads trying to identify an operational model that isn’t riddled with low level complexity.

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Cisco’s CSP 2100 is an elegant solution to this challenge. A KVM-based system offering end customers a common UI/API and instantiation engine simplifying multi-vendor deliveries by taking care of previously manual tuning configurations for VNFs. Intel contributes platform and library components, allowing Radware to excel in x86 system delivery. Cisco, Intel and Radware have leveraged the system to document record level performance validating the benefit of transformation while addressing new challenges, impacting the accelerated adoption of NFV.

Enable your resources to move up the value chain for end customers focusing on differentiating services through end to end system orchestration, event correlation and reporting. Appreciate there are suppliers collaborating and committed to quality packaging, performance leadership and orchestration, increasing service agility and simplifying the adoption for network function virtualization designs. Get back on track with network service innovation, leveraging the strengths of your ISVs.

Read more in this whitepaper: Simplify NFV Deployment for Service Providers and Enterprises in the Data Center and Hybrid Cloud White Paper


Read the eBook “Agility, Scalability, Automation: Accelerating the Benefits of NFV with a Cap-and-Grow Strategy” to learn more.

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Travis Volk

Travis Volk is the Technical Vice President of Global Business Development and Carrier Sales for Radware. Before joining our team in 2004, he served as a lead architect at AT&T for companies like Washington Mutual Bank, General Motors, American Express, Siemens and Sun Microsystems. An award-winning architect and thought leader, Travis has been architecting and deploying global systems with advanced services for the last fifteen years. He has been directly involved in first to market campaigns for VOD, IP Advertising, Social Media, IMS, CDNs, Cloud Services, LTE, SDN, NFV for the largest Service Providers globally. Working collaborative designs with customers and partners, Travis has been leading the process to develop, harden, and commercialize next-generation services and products ranging from virtualized core applications (Cloud Data Center) to personalized gateway services (Mobile Edge). Travis has expertise in both Wireline and Wireless systems for end-to-end content and application delivery, performance and security.

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