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What Is the Difference Between an Open Source Solution and a Professionally Packaged WPO Solution?

Learn from one of Radware’s experts as he explains the main difference between an Open Source solution and professionally packaged WPO solution, and the benefits associated with each. 

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Real User Monitoring (RUM) vs Synthetic Testing

Hear from one of Radware’s experts to learn why real user monitoring (RUM) and synthetic testing are essential to measuring user experience and why each is used at different times throughout the production phase.

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Why Isn’t a Programmer the Best Option for Web Performance Optimization?

Hear from one of Radware’s experts as he explains that although programmers produce pages on the website that help sell products, they are not the best option for web performance optimization.

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Watch our 'Expert Talk' series with Radware's experts as they offer insight on timely topics such as attack mitigation solutions, virtualization for application delivery, IPv6, influences of mobile data and virtualization versus cloud computing, and more!

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Recommendations for Optimizing Web Performance

Hear from one of Radware's experts as he delivers key recommendations for web performance optimization (WPO).

How Do You Measure the Client Side of Performance?

Should you measure the client side of performance? In order to understand where the performance pains are on a web page, Radware uses web timings to measure multiple events of a page sequence to record and analyze user problems.

Application Delivery & Load Balancing for the Next Generation: Alteon NG

Alteon NG, a next-generation application delivery controller is designed to ensure application SLA. Comprised of four different components, Radware’s Alteon NG provides application SLA assurance with complete fault isolation. Application Performance Monitoring (APM) delivers real-time monitoring and proactive SLA management, while FastView delivers a web performance optimization solution for application acceleration and front end optimization.

How Can You Protect Your Site from Third-Party Failure?

While most public facing companies have third party scripts, such as analytics, ads, or social sharing widgets, it is important to understand that failure is inevitable. However, there are several things site owners can do before, during and after deployment so failure does not happen.

How Does a CDN Complement Front-End WPO to Make Pages Faster?

By deploying front-end WPO solutions, such as FastView, 22 advanced optimization treatments are applied to the page content - ultimately cutting load times in half.

Guarantee Best User Experience Even Under Attack

Modern day data centers need to not only stop DDoS attacks but learn how to maintain business operations even under duress. Find out how to mitigate attacks and provide the best quality of experience to customers.

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