Striking the Perfect Balance with Cybersecurity & The Customer Experience

In the era of data breaches, consumers are demanding that companies be more transparent about cybersecurity. Companies, who integrate security as a top priority, will reap the benefits through customer loyalty, and will ultimately see it impact their bottom line, writes, Anna Convery-Pelletier, CMO, Radware.

Today’s marketers strive to create the perfect customer experience. From relationship management to personalization to user interface, every touchpoint creates a new opportunity to make the customer experience even better. But as marketers have tried to achieve this goal, security has fallen to the wayside, and those touchpoints often introduce new vulnerabilities unknown to companies. As companies continue to collect more and more data from consumers to inform personalization strategies, at what point does protection of that data become less of an IT challenge and more a core component of the business?

Driven by consumer conversation and demand, cybersecurity and data protection are no longer topics just for network managers and IT professionals. In fact, 72% of executives report discussing security in every meeting. Today’s consumers are asking questions about the safety measures the companies they’re conducting business with are taking, and how they’ll react if a breach does occur. As a result, companies need to be prepared to answer the questions their customers are asking to maintain and expand their business.