WSD-Pro Recognized by ZD Internet Lab as the Industry’s Leading Web Server Load Balancer

Radware’s Web Server Director Pro(WSD-Pro) received the prestigious ZD Internet Lab’s NetBest award for the industry’s leading Web server load balancer. According to Internet Computing magazine, the WSD-Pro "hits all the marks for a local site load balancer.... it’s good performance, affordable price, extensive feature set, and well-rounded management and reporting tools make the product to beat."

Radware’s technological leadership in load balancing systems is evidenced in the numerous awards it has won for its WSD product line, including the renowned PC Magazine Editor’s Choice award and Network Computing’s Best Value award.

Results of the rigorous ZD Internet Lab tests were published in Internet Computing magazine’s March edition. The tests were performed on nine of the industry’s major load balancing systems, including Cisco’s LocalDirector, Bright Tiger’s ClusterCats, and F5 Labs’ Big/IP, and involved simulations that examined the systems’ load balancing capabilities, fault tolerance, multiple site support, and overall performance and functionality.

Internet Computing hailed Radware’s WSD-Pro’s extensive features and ability to effectively balance essential protocols and ports, as well as efficiently handle downtime and Web server crashes. The magazine reported that the WSD-Pro "features could be used as the checklist for what to look for in a local site load balancer. It balances all TCP protocols including UDP, supports passive FTP, and supports port mapping, sticky port, hot spare, and graceful shutdown. It is also the only product that is SNMP compliant with management information base (MIB) add-ons for HP Open View and NetView 6000."

It was noted that the system’s "performance was in the top tier on both static and CGI tests, making it fit for a Website with a large amount of traffic and a T3 line. Also, the WSD [Pro] has two quality-of-service features that make sure the back end servers are kept in check: a recovery time and a warm-up. The most important feature of the two is recovery time. This way if a back end server is unstable...WSD [Pro] will keep it out of service."

About Radware

Radware Ltd., a RND company, is a member of the multi-million dollar RAD Group, a family of 13 independent companies serving diverse markets and technological niches within the networking and communications industry. Radware provides enhanced information access by optimal utilization of server resources, be they Internet, Intranet, or Extranet applications. The company’s flagship product, the Web Server Director (WSD), is already installed in many Fortune 500 companies and is employed by major Internet Service Providers worldwide. The WSD has been enthusiastically received by the professional data communications and internetworking communities and has won numerous awards, including the prestigious PC Magazine Editor’s Choice award and Network omputing’s Best Value award, in competition with all other major server load balancers. Radware products are sold worldwide through distributors, resellers, VARs, OEM agreements and joint ventures.