Bandwidth Management Tools

Software, hardware and IT strategies used to measure and control the overall bandwidth usage of a business network. Commonly used to maintain optimal user accessibility to network applications, prevent traffic congestion and other potential threats, and remedy traffic complications should they arise.

Managing the way a company uses its network bandwidth can impact many, if not all, business practices. When an organization relies on the accessibility of its network and the business-critical information running on it, having little or no access to that data is obviously a major concern. By using the appropriate bandwidth management tools, network operators can gain the ability to manage the bandwidth of their network by controlling the traffic it sustains. Balancing the impact of multiple simultaneous users is key to maintaining the stability of a network's bandwidth. Heavy traffic can cause network congestion and limited to no access. With the proper bandwidth management system, businesses are able to identify bandwidth problems due to traffic and take the steps needed to maintain a working, available network. Implementing techniques to optimize bandwidth can also help prioritize traffic by separating genuine users from potentially malicious traffic.