Enterprise Network Security

Preventative and real-time defense methods implemented by an enterprise to protect its business network against potential threats that may impede or paralyze the system. Safeguards business-sensitive information and applications from malicious sources through combined efforts of IT strategies, software and hardware.

In order for any business network to function properly and efficiently, it needs to be protected from possibly harmful traffic. Information and applications that are retrieved and transmitted over a network without protection can fall victim to a variety of attacks such as phishing, Trojan horses, spyware, self-propagating worms and the exploitation of vendor-specific vulnerabilities. Attacks such as these can hinder connectivity, slow the processing of network traffic into bottlenecks, and even potentially cause damage severe enough to crash an entire system. With Enterprise network security, businesses are provided the preventative real-time protection they need to maintain a highly available, effective information delivery network. Along with routine system analysis practices, network security can also safeguard a system using anti-virus software and firewalls to prevent attacks before they cause service disruptions. In the event that an attacker does gain access, security measures should be able to detect the intrusion and eliminate it before it causes any server damage.