Mobile Content Delivery
Featured document: Alteon Next-Generation ADC

The distribution of business information and applications across public or private networks to a wide variety of end-user mobile devices.

The process of mobile content delivery has become increasingly popular and necessary to stay competitive in the global nature of today's business environment. Customers, employees and partners around the world all require the ability to access different types of business-critical data and applications from a number of different mobile devices such as PDAs, laptops and smart phones. Not only does this access need to be timely, but it also needs to function with the same efficiency as if the user was connecting from a local entry point. In order to effectively perform this function, business networks need to possess the ability to support the variety of content formats utilized by the numerous mobile devices available. An organization's mobile content system should be able to accurately identify the device being used and which format it requires. Data must then be transformed into the appropriate format and delivered to the user in the most optimal manner available. With an efficient mobile content distribution system, companies can expand business worldwide, increase productivity and deliver a highly functional user experience.