Network Bandwidth Management
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The IT strategies and processes used for the comprehensive monitoring, measuring and regulating of bandwidth utilization across a business network. Provides maximum availability and usability to end users accessing business-critical information and applications from a variety of locations while preventing the intrusion of potentially harmful network traffic.

Organizations depend on the functionality and accessibility of their networks to retrieve and utilize business-sensitive data and applications. With effective network bandwidth management, businesses will be able to function proficiently by controlling heavy traffic. If network access is limited by traffic congestion or not available at all, productivity will surely be affected. A bandwidth management system can support increases in traffic by managing and distributing bandwidth processing requirements. In doing so, organizations will be able to efficiently control the impact that many users can have on their network and avoid bottlenecks and other forms of traffic disruption. Along with supervising traffic, bandwidth management can also help maintain stability by providing an additional layer of security to business networks. By closely monitoring all inbound traffic, companies can prevent potential attacks with proactive analysis. By allowing only authorized traffic access, an organization's network can stay healthy, available and efficient.