Azure Cloud WAF Service

Azure Cloud WAF service from Radware is the only partner service running natively in Azure and utilizing the Azure Network. This provides an application firewall service at ultralow latency, at proximity to your origin servers, with minimal impact on your web application performance.

Azure Cloud WAF Service utilizes next-generation technology to automatically generate protective signatures, specific to your application, to block any type of attack. As your applications change, signatures are updated automatically, allowing you to release production code immediately.

The Azure Cloud WAF Service provides industry leading web application security based on state-of-the-art machine learning technologies that implement both negative and positive security models. This provide comprehensive protection coverage, beyond OWASP Top 10 threats, specific to your individual applications. The Azure Cloud WAF Service consistently maps your applications to analyze potential vulnerabilities. New dynamic security policies are created automatically with optimal protection policies and false-positive correction.

Automated Policy Generation Tracks Continuous Delivery Code Releases

  • Automated traffic learning using advanced machine-learning algorithms that analyze traffic, learn what constitutes legitimate behavior and automatically blocks malicious activity
  • Application mapping automatically maps your applications, detects code changes whenever new features are added or modified, and identifies potential vulnerabilities
  • Continuous adaptive policy generation to optimize coverage to applications’ threat profile to maximize security coverage and reduce false positives
  • Rapid detection and mitigation of zero-day attacks and the continuous fine-tuning of security policies due to changing application usage patterns

What Makes the Azure Cloud WAF Service Better?

  • Based on Radware’s Cloud WAF Service that provides enterprise-grade, continuously adaptive web application security protection.
  • Fully Managed Web Application Service - 24x7. Hands-Off fully managed security service by Radware’s expert Emergency Response Team (ERT), assuming full responsibility for configuring and updating security policies as well as detecting, alerting and mitigating attacks.
  • Native execution in Azure cloud utilizing the Azure network. Your application traffic is not exported outside of Azure
  • Widest web application security coverage offering automated protection policies for each individual application in addition to complete OWASP Top-10 coverage
  • Based on a positive security model which uses advanced behavioral-analysis technologies to detect malicious threats provide the industry leading zero-day webattack protection
  • Data leakage prevention mechanisms to automatically mask sensitive user data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
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