What’s The Future Of IoT Security?

As we become increasingly dependent on smart technology and the internet of things, IoT security is becoming a very hot topic. In the past, the average person wasn’t all that fearful of computer viruses because they couldn’t lead to any physical harm. Unfortunately, the IoT has completely changed that paradigm. Today with our smart homes and smart cars specifically, computer viruses and malware have the potential to cause serious physical harm.

This informative post on Wired about the “Jeep Hackers” shows just how important IoT security has become. Curious as to what the cyber security industry is doing to solve that issue, we asked a group of industry experts…

What’s The Future Of Iot Security?

Their answers should leave you feeling a bit better…

Carl Herberger, VP of security at Radware

“IoT cybersecurity will only continue to grow in relevance as consumers and businesses replace old products with new, connected devices and gadgets. Seemingly every day a new IoT device is introduced to the market, and with it, a new target for hackers. Over the past 12 months, we have seen hackers leverage security vulnerabilities in connected devices to stage massive cyber-attacks and we are beginning to see a surge in ransom attacks directly on IoT devices. These hacks have demonstrated the consequences of lacking, or even non-existent, security in place in IoT devices and research and events have shown that devices ranging from pacemakers to thermometers to connected automobiles are all hackable. IoT cybersecurity is still catching up to the rapid development of connected devices, but until manufacturers, service providers, the government, and all involved parties directly address the inherit security issue, it will only get worse.”

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