7 ways 5G mobile networks will change IoT security, and how to prepare

Every internet of things security issue will be greatly magnified in a 5G environment. Address these seven areas before you deploy your own.

Super-fast 5G mobile networks promise to link not only people more efficiently, but also allow for greater interconnectivity and control of machines, objects and devices. Its high Gbps data transfer rates, low latency and high capacity will be a boon to consumers and businesses alike. That comes with significant new security risks, as one early adopter is learning.

Global home appliance manufacturer Whirlpool has already begun the process of rolling out 5G for one of its factories. The company is using IoT devices for predictive maintenance, environmental controls, process monitoring using a traditional local area WiFI network, but 5G will allow the company to do something that is impossible with WiFi: deploy autonomous forklifts and other vehicles.

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