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Software Liability: Where Consumer Fears and Business Risk Converge

Already another in a series of watershed years for cyber-security, 2015 ended with a noisy bang when Juniper Networks revealed in late December that they had discovered unauthorized code embedded within products that could allow hackers to decrypt VPN connections and access what were thought to be secured communications.

Active Architectures for Backup Solutions

When we build backup solutions for our applications and data, it is important to consider more than just the replication and storage of the critical data that we accumulate. It is good that a redundant copy of the data is saved, but how are you going to access the information? In the disaster recovery scenario that you have imagined and written your contingency plans for, do operational processes change because the backup solution provides a different framework to access the applications and data?

Bots Are Getting More Sophisticated, It's Time Your Cyber Defenses Do Too

This year, 2016 is set to host the "battle of the bots" as bot-generated attacks targeting web application infrastructure are increasing in both volume and scope, according to a recent survey conducted by Radware, which profiled the various cybersecurity threats that are expected to increase in the coming year.

Cisco Says 'It's Curtains For You, Cyber Crime!'

Cisco announced its new threat-focused Cisco Firepower next-generation firewall (NGFW) today.

Cisco Says Its Next-Generation Firewall Is More ‘Next-Gen’ Than Yours

Cisco has taken to calling itself the leader in network security, and the company is trying to back that up with a next-generation firewall announced today.

New next-gen firewall from Cisco, security mainframe from IBM

Two of the biggest names in IT have announced new products they say will help enterprises better secure their systems.

Anonymous networks 101: Into the heart of the Darknet

This article will discuss Darknets and what these tools hold for the future of security. This discussion will share how to access and navigate the Darknet for those who are ignorant or otherwise uninitiated to this world.

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