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As Encryption Use Rises, Impact on Security Designs Rises Too

Increasing amounts of traffic on the intranet and Internet are being encrypted. Individuals are concerned about their privacy and utilizing encrypted services more. Companies are protecting and securing the communications to their applications. Finally, HTTP/2 was introduced last year and most web clients encrypt HTTP/2 traffic by default. Sandvine (News - Alert) predicts that more than 70 percent of Internet traffic will be encrypted by the end of 2016.

The dangers of bad cyber threat intelligence programs

I love a surprise ending in a movie. Whether I’m watching drama, action, or sci-fi, there’s nothing better than a plot twist you can’t predict. At work, however, I feel the exact opposite. Movies are one thing, but surprise endings in the real world are rarely as welcome or harmless.

The Changing and Challenging Nature of DDoS Attacks

Think of this as a Cyber Security Trend community service.  For community members who may not be aware, Austin, TX-based NSS Labs, is one of the world’s highly respected cyber security research and advisory firms.  Its offers include the Cyber Advanced Warning System (CAWS)—a cloud service that continuously captures live attacks being used by threat actors, and tests security products against those attacks in real time.

Why Your Image-Heavy Site Could Be Costing You Customers

Web pages know it takes a lot to catch — and hold — visitors' attention. That's why many sites are cramming their homepages with images, video and other content. But as they add more visuals, they're missing one core element: optimization.

Hackers Attacking More and More Nuclear Facilities, Report Shows

The threat of cyberattacks on nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities is substantial and growing, according to a report this week by a prominent industry group.

Online Retailers Are Winning The Web Page Loading Race

All men and women might be created equal, but the same does not go for web pages. Especially as online retail has become an essential part of even strictly brick-and-mortar brands, how well a retailer’s web page performs can have a major impact on sales.

23 Social Engineering Attacks You Need To Shut Down

That noise, and the quick conversation following, cost a major security organization millions. Don’t believe me? Last month, a hacker called the help desk of the FBI and had the following exchange:

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