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Military hits snag in Silicon Valley recruitment

The fight between the FBI and Apple over a locked iPhone is threatening to undermine the Pentagon’s attempt to recruit talent from Silicon Valley.

New Federal CISO: Superhero Needed

A famous leadership coach said, “Only Superman can leap tall buildings in a single bound, the rest of us must chip away at our goals one day at a time.” What a befitting quote for the newly created position of Federal CISO declared by Obama last week.

Does Open Source Stack up for Service Provider Transformation?

Since the inception of NFV 'openness' has been the mantra for the global industry, in the first instance for the carriers and then later the vendor ecosystem. More recently there has been increasing emphasis on Opens Source in carrier networks. 

Information vs. Intelligence: Anonymous targets the banking industry

We’ve covered a good deal of what is and what isn’t threat intelligence this week from the show floor at the RSA Conference. So for today’s second post, we'll focus on a threat advisory from Solutionary, which warns of a planned operation against the finance sector by Anonymous called OpIcarus.

Threat Intelligence: The hot topic that makes people hesitant

All this week, Salted Hash will be walking the halls of the RSA Conference in California. The running theme this week is threat intelligence; what it is and what it isn't, the vendors who produce it, and the people who use it.

SDxCentral Weekly News Roundup — February 26, 2016

Hola from Barcelona! Here’s a roundup of the week’s news, much of it from Mobile World Congress, related to software defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV). There’s also a smattering of security to get you ready for next week’s RSA Conference.

Delivering Meaningful Customer Conversations for Driving Sales

Building the revenue, especially on new products, is my key concern. Radware sells a sophisticated suite of technology-driven products. One of my primary objectives is to translate the product features into specific customer benefits for each vertical market so that my salespeople have more meaningful conversations when presenting to customers.

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